Select Committee on the High Speed Rail (West Midlands - Crewe) Bill
High Speed Rail (West Midlands - Crewe) Bill

Special Report of Session 2019-21 - published 19 October 2020 - HL Paper 149

Chapter 1: Introduction


The Phase 2a route

Hybrid bills

Additional Provisions

Right to be heard

Amendments to the Bill


Chapter 2: The passage of the bill and the formation of this Committee

The House of Commons

The House of Lords

Revival of the bill and reappointment of the Committee


Chapter 3: Planning and the Environment

The legal framework

The Environmental Statement

Trees and Woodland

Protection of birds, voles and other animals

Footpaths, cycleways, bridleways

Chapter 4: Engineering

Extraction, transport and disposal of materials


Chapter 5: Noise

Table 1: Typical sources of noise at certain decibel levels

Measurement of vibration and ground-borne noise

Tolerable and intolerable noise

Government policy

Sources of operational noise

The promoter’s proposed limits; mapping of noise contours

Table 2: LOAEL and SOAEL limits for noise

Table 3: LOAEL and SOAEL limits for ground-borne noise and vibration

Chapter 6: Compensation

The statutory compensation code

The non-statutory property package in outline

Table 4: Status of route-wide compensation cases as at 14 October 2020

Express Purchase Scheme

Voluntary Purchase Scheme (with Cash Option)

Homeowner Payment Scheme

Need to Sell Scheme


Business premises

Special cases

Chapter 7: Petitions

Cycling UK (Petition 32, heard on 28 July and 23 September)

Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (Petition 26, heard on 28 July)

Parish Council of Ingestre with Tixall Parish Council (Petition 18, heard on 29 July)

Ingestre Park Golf Club (Petition 29, heard on 2 September)

The Woodland Trust (Petition 24, heard on 3 September)

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (Petition 33, heard on 7 September)

Anthony, Jane, Sam and Sarah Parrott; Messrs Richard and Colin Smith; Messrs J S Madders and Sons (Petitions 4, 8 and 10)

Edward Nield (Petition 7, heard on 9 September)

Messrs B & R Deane (Petition 9, heard on 9 September)

Theo Clarke MP (Petition 37, heard on 10 September)

Woore Parish Council (Petition 13, heard on 14 September)

Yarnfield and Cold Meece Parish Council, Stone Town Council and Chebsey Parish Council (Petition 23, heard on 15 September)

Newcastle Road Residents, Hanchurch (Petition 22, heard on 15 September)

Sharon and Martin Mawbey (Petition 34, heard on 16 September)

William Murray (Petition 36, heard on 16 September)

David and Sian Froggatt (Petition 28, heard on 16 September)

Appendix 1: List of Members and declarations of interest

Appendix 2: Additional Provisions

Appendix 3: Amendments to the Bill

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