Select Committee on International Relations and Defence
The UK and Sub-Saharan Africa: prosperity, peace and development co-operation

1st Report of Session 2019-21 - published 10 July 2020 - HL Paper 88



Chapter 1: Introduction

The impact of COVID-19

Box 1: Data and projections relating to COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa

This report

Chapter 2: The UK’s Africa strategy

The priority afforded to Africa by UK governments

Table 1: UK Ministers for Africa since 1989

Sub-Saharan African perceptions of the UK

Box 2: African interaction with the UK’s visa regime

The ‘strategic approach’

Box 3: The UK’s ‘strategic approach’ to Africa

The Africa ‘uplift’

Table 2: FCO staff ‘uplifts’

Figure 1: UK diplomatic posts in Sub-Saharan Africa

Government co-ordination

Communication of the ‘strategic approach’

The Integrated Review

Other countries and organisations


The European Union


The United States


Other countries

Chapter 3: Africa’s regional organisations

The African Union

Structure of the AU

Figure 2: The regions of the African Union

Views of the AU

AU resourcing and capabilities

Agenda 2063

Box 4: Agenda 2063

The AU and international organisations

The AU–UK relationship

The AU’s engagement with external stakeholders

Regional economic communities

Box 5: Regional economic communities

Figure 3: The membership of regional economic communities

The Commonwealth

Figure 4: African members of the Commonwealth

Views of the Commonwealth

Chapter 4: Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic development

Box 6: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Youth employment


Migration for work


Climate impact


Energy infrastructure

Industry and manufacturing

Business environment and investment

Business environment

Box 7: The costs of corruption

Box 8: Human rights in the extractive industries



Box 9: The African Continental Free Trade Area

Box 10: UNECA modelling on the economic benefits of the AfCFTA

Addressing the impact of COVID-19 on Sub-Saharan African economies

Box 11: International efforts to support the poorest countries from the effects of COVID-19

Chapter 5: The UK’s economic relationship with Sub-Saharan Africa

Official development assistance

Box 12: Official development assistance

Table 3: Top ten recipients of UK bilateral ODA 2020–21

Box 13: The UK aid strategy

UK approach to ODA

Government structure

Aid for Trade

Box 14: TradeMark East Africa



Water and sanitation


Climate change

CDC Group

UK trade with and investment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Box 15: UK trade and investment relations with Sub-Saharan Africa

Box 16: African companies and bonds on the London Stock Exchange


Government support for trade and investment

Box 17: The UK Trade Commissioner for Africa

Box 18: The UK–Africa Investment Summit

Trade policy

Box 19: The EU’s trade arrangements with Sub-Saharan African countries

Actions for the Government to increase trade with and investment in Sub-Saharan Africa

The diaspora, and remittances from the UK to Sub-Saharan Africa

Box 20: Remittances to Africa from the UK

Benefits of remittances

Government support for remittances and diaspora financing

Engagement with the Sub-Saharan African diaspora in the UK

Box 21: The African diaspora in the United Kingdom

Chapter 6: Peace and security in Sub-Saharan Africa

Peace and security challenges

Figure 5: Conflicts featuring non-state actors

COVID-19 and peace and security

Conflict flashpoints

The Sahel

Box 22: International action in Mali


Box 23: The Somali civil war


Box 24: Boko Haram


Box 25: The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon

Migration and conflict

Women, peace and security

The African Union and the United Nations


Figure 6: AU, REC and UN peacekeeping operations

The UK and Sub-Saharan African security

Whitehall coordination

Box 26: The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund

Development assistance and security

Chapter 7: Human rights, democracy and governance in Sub-Saharan Africa

Human rights

Governance and accountability




Justice and the International Criminal Court

Box 27: The International Criminal Court and Africa

The role of the UK and non-African partners

Summary of conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: List of Members and declarations of interest

Appendix 2: List of witnesses

Appendix 3: Call for evidence

Appendix 4: Glossary of terms

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