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Appendix 2: List of titles submitted

The proposals we received were published online on 17 November 2020. These are available at The titles of the proposals are listed below.

Remaining proposals submitted in March 2020:

  • Abortion in the UK (Baroness Tonge and Baroness Barker)
  • Children’s wellbeing (Bishop of Durham)
  • COVID-19 and prevention in public health (Baroness Greengross)
  • Disabled people and work (Baroness Thomas of Winchester and Baroness Campbell of Surbiton)
  • Genome editing (Lord Harries of Pentregarth)
  • Improving foreign language learning in the UK (Bishop of Leeds)
  • Land use framework in England–the case for it (Earl of Caithness)
  • Live facial recognition technology (Lord Clement-Jones)
  • National Identity Cards (Lord Campbell-Savours)
  • New home communal assets and rentcharges (Earl of Lytton)
  • Reversing Beeching–the case for reopening closed railway lines and stations (Lord Faulkner of Worcester and Lord Shutt of Greetland)
  • Social care (Bishop of Carlisle)
  • The problem of “marriages” that are not marriages (Baroness Cox)
  • The role and importance of horticulture to the economy, health and wellbeing, and climate change (Baroness Fookes)
  • UK’s role in expanding global media freedom (Lord Black of Brentwood)
  • These Islands (Lord Soley)
  • To investigate the “Crisis of replication” in science and ways of assuring the quality of scientific studies on which public policy is based (Lord Lilley)
  • The adequacy and resilience of the Government’s plans to deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050 (Lord Browne of Ladyton)24
  • Wellbeing as the guide to policy (Lord O’Donnell and Lord Layard)

Proposals submitted in October 2020

  • Alcohol and society in the UK (Baroness Finlay of Llandaff)
  • Examination of the modalities of the UK staying in the EU (Lord Dykes)
  • International Role for the UK post-Brexit (Baroness D’Souza)
  • Live facial recognition technology (Lord Clement-Jones)
  • Development of an identity system (Lord Blunkett)
  • Devolution and Coronavirus (Lord Lipsey)
  • Ethical Trade Post-Brexit: How to Uphold the UK’s International Obligations (Lord Bishop of St Albans)
  • Future of the High Street (Lord Puttnam)25
  • Globalisation and Biosecurity–risks and benefits for animal, plant and environmental health (Lord Trees and Lord Blencathra)
  • COVID-19 and prevention in public health (Baroness Greengross)
  • Genocide determination conducive to triggering HMG’s duties under the UN
  • Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Lord Alton of Liverpool)–revised proposal
  • Protecting the wellbeing of future generations (Lord Bird)
  • Should there be more devolution in England? (Lord Dubs)
  • The world of work–COVID and beyond (Baroness Blower and Lord Hendy)
  • Youth unemployment (Lord Baker of Dorking)

24 Lord Browne of Ladyton’s proposal was withdrawn.

25 Lord’s Puttnam’s proposal was withdrawn.

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