Forty Ninth Report Contents


Provision of illustrative plans with Harbour Revision Orders

40.We have recently considered a number of Harbour Revision Orders. For some of these, the illustrative map was not required by the statutory instrument to be made available during our scrutiny period. We wrote to the Marine Management Organisation and they have agreed that, for future Orders, the map, where required, will be made available on the day an instrument is laid before the House. We welcome this helpful approach. The full correspondence is published in Appendix 2.

Sunset provisions in statutory instruments dealing with COVID-19

41.We have noted in previous reports9 that many statutory instruments that relate to the coronavirus pandemic included sunset provisions. To assist the House in scrutinising the legislation, we asked the Leader of the House of Commons to send us monthly updates so that they could be properly monitored. A further update has been received, which is published at Appendix 3.

9 Most recently, our 46th Report (Session 2019-21, HL Paper 229).

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