Fourteenth Report Contents

Instruments not drawn to the special attention of the House

Draft instruments subject to affirmative approval

Water Industry (Specified Infrastructure Projects) (English Undertakers) (Amendment) Regulations 2020

Made instruments subject to affirmative approval

SI 2020/475

Direct Payments to Farmers (Crop Diversification Derogation) (England) Regulations 2020

Instruments subject to annulment

SI 2020/435

Competition Act 1998 (Health Services for Patients in Wales) (Coronavirus) (Public Policy Exclusion) Order 2020

SI 2020/456

State Pension Credit (Coronavirus) (Electronic Claims) (Amendment) Regulations 2020

SI 2020/460

Harbours and Highways (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020

SI 2020/463

Direct Payments to Farmers (Legislative Continuity) Act 2020 (Consequential Amendments) Regulations 2020

SI 2020/466

National Health Service (Quality Accounts) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020

SI 2020/468

Misuse of Drugs (Coronavirus) (Amendments Relating to the Supply of Controlled Drugs During a Pandemic Etc.) Regulations 2020

SI 2020/469

National Health Service Commissioning Board and Clinical Commissioning Groups (Responsibilities and Standing Rules) (Amendment) Regulations 2020

SI 2020/472

Criminal Legal Aid (Coronavirus, Remuneration) (Amendment) Regulations 2020

SI 2020/477

Common Agricultural Policy (Control and Enforcement, Cross-Compliance, Scrutiny of Transactions and Appeals) (Coronavirus) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2020

SI 2020/480

Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Order 2020

SI 2020/481

Competition Act 1998 (Dairy Produce) (Coronavirus) (Public Policy Exclusion) Order 2020

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