The European Affairs Committee
Citizens’ Rights

1st Report of Session 2020-21 - published 23 July 2021 - HL Paper 46



Chapter 1: Introduction


This inquiry

Chapter 2: The Withdrawal Agreement and citizens’ rights


Residence status under the Agreement

Constitutive systems

Declaratory systems


Professional qualifications

Oversight of citizens’ rights under the Agreement

Independent Monitoring Authority

European Commission

Withdrawal Agreement Joint Committee

The Specialised Committee on Citizens’ Rights

Prior concerns about the implementation of citizens’ rights

The effect of UK-EU relations on citizens’ rights issues

Chapter 3: EU citizens’ rights in the UK

Background: the EU Settlement Scheme

Figure 1: EUSS applications by outcome as of 30 June 2021

The overall implementation of the EUSS

Verification of rights under the Withdrawal Agreement

Naturalised British citizens, family reunion rights and the EUSS

Vulnerable EU citizens

Older adults and digital exclusion

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic

Government support for vulnerable persons

The 30 June 2021 deadline

Application backlog

After the deadline: late applications

Issues with the Home Office guidance

The need for a ‘safety net’

Proving status: the lack of a physical document

Pre-settled status

Switching from pre-settled status to settled status

Pre-settled status and welfare rights

Chapter 4: UK citizens in the EU

Calculating UK populations in EU Member States

Combining statuses with Withdrawal Agreement rights

Declaratory systems

Table 1: Applications from UK citizens for a new residence document in EU Member States operating declaratory systems

Constitutive systems

Table 2: Applications from UK citizens for a new residence status in EU Member States operating constitutive systems

Late applications

Biometric residence card

Communication issues in both constitutive and declaratory systems

Digital exclusion and vulnerable groups

Support for UK citizens

UK Nationals Support Fund

Non-government support

Summary of conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: List of Members and declarations of interests

Appendix 2: List of witnesses

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