Procedure and Privileges Committee
First Report

1st Report of Session 2021-22 - published 7 July 2021 - HL Paper 41


Chapter 1: Procedural adaptations arising from the hybrid House


Procedural adaptations which we propose should remain

Oral question ballots

Deadline for changing the wording of an Oral Question

Speakers’ lists for oral questions and ‘Secretary of State’ questions

Speakers’ lists deadlines

Tabling deadlines

Time allocated to oral questions and private notice questions

Balloted questions for short debate

De-grouping of amendments after the groupings have been published

Reasons committees

Chapter 2: Interim option of voting using PeerHub

Proposed interim solution: PeerHub voting

Chapter 3: Ongoing virtual participation for eligible disabled members who cannot attend the House

Appendix 1: Proposed changes to the Companion

Appendix 2: How the interim voting model will work using PeerHub

Appendix 3: Proposed Standing Order to enable virtual participation by disabled members

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