Twenty Fourth Report Contents

Instruments not drawn to the special attention of the House

Draft instruments subject to affirmative approval


Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) (Amendment) Regulations 2022


Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 and Pubs Code etc. (Amendment) Regulations 2021


Train Driving Licences and Certificates (Amendment) Regulations 2022

Made instruments subject to approval

SI 2021/1382

Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Self-Isolation) (England) (Amendment) (No. 5) Regulations 2021

SI 2021/1400

Health Protection (Coronavirus, Wearing of Face Coverings) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2021

Draft instruments subject to annulment


Bury (Electoral Changes) Order


Gosport (Electoral Changes) Order

Instruments subject to annulment

SI 2021/1312

Customs Importation (Miscellaneous Provisions and Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2021

SI 2021/1316

Merchant Shipping (Radiocommunications) (Amendment) Regulations 2021

SI 2021/1319

State Pension Revaluation for Transitional Pensions Order 2021

SI 2021/1320

State Pension Revaluation for Transitional Pensions Order 2021

SI 2021/1343

Local Authorities (Funds) (England) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021

SI 2021/1346

National Health Service (Charges, Primary Medical Services and Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) (Coronavirus) (Further Amendments) Regulations 2021

SI 2021/1348

Education (Student Fees, Awards and Support) (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 2021

SI 2021/1353

Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (Transfer of Staff to the Office for Environmental Protection) Regulations 2021

SI 2021/1357

Littering From Vehicles Outside London (Keepers: Civil Penalties) (Amendment) Regulations 2021

SI 2021/1358

Import and Export Licensing (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2021

SI 2021/1370

Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2021

SI 2021/1371

Health Protection (Coronavirus, International Travel and Operator Liability) (England) (Amendment) (No. 23) Regulations 2021

SI 2021/1379

Coroners (Inquests) (Amendment) Rules 2021

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