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Appendix 1: Health Protection (Coronavirus, International Travel and Operator Liability) (England) (Amendment) (No. 16) (SI 2021/1179)

Additional material from the Department of Health and Social Care

Q1:The LFD user has to send the result to the provider and the provider has to send the result to UKHSA within 24 hours. How is that system to be monitored/inspected for compliance?

A1: The provider is responsible for verifying the result and reporting it to UKHSA and the individual. Where the test is positive, the provider must share the guidance from UKHSA regarding obtaining a confirmatory PCR. Providers will have 24 hours to report the test result of the LFD to UKHSA, and the individual, from the time that they are in receipt of the test result evidence. They must also provide daily sales and results reporting to UKHSA as required. In order to be allowed to provide LFD tests to individuals, the private provider will need to meet a number of minimum standards to align with the existing minimum standards required of PCR providers. The private provider will be subject to offences and penalties if they do not report in accordance with regulation or meet the minimum test or provider standards, without a reasonable excuse. The UKHSA will keep this under review to ensure that inspections and compliance measures are robust and proportionate.

Q2:Will Track and Trace monitor the compliance of all eligible travellers and engage with those who need to isolate? If not all, what percentage?

A2: Private providers will monitor the return of tests, individuals who have not returned a test will be referred to test and trace. Individuals who are required to isolate, and are suspected of not complying with either isolating or taking a day 2 test will receive a home visit.

Q3: Most of the regulations come into effect on 24 October but the requirements for DHSC to approve in writing that a provider meets the new standards come into effect on 12 November: could you explain the process envisaged - will providers have to apply for approval and/or inclusion on the published list?

A3: This only applies to changing the Day 2, 8 and Test to Release private provider PCR regulations and is in force as of 24 October for LFDs.

1 November 2021

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