Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee
Common frameworks: an unfulfilled opportunity?

1st Report of Session 2022-23 - published 15 July 2022 - HL Paper 41



Chapter 1: Introduction


Figure 1: Number of common frameworks by UK Government department

Figure 2: Number of common frameworks that apply to a devolved administration

Conduct of the Inquiry

Chapter 2: The purpose of common frameworks

The Joint Ministerial Committee on EU Negotiations Communiqué

The need for cooperation and consensus

Policy or Process: a missed opportunity?

Box 1: Substantial policy content example—the Fisheries Management and Support Framework

Figure 3: Number of published frameworks with policy content

Alignment with the Joint Ministerial Committee for EU Negotiation Principles

Chapter 3: The impact of post-Brexit legislation

The UK Internal Market Act

A continued lack of consensus

The role of the Office for the Internal Market

The UK Internal Market Act exclusions process

Box 2: Process for considering UK Internal Market Act exclusions in common framework areas

The Subsidy Control Act 2022

Resetting intergovernmental relations

Chapter 4: Northern Ireland and common frameworks

The participation of Northern Ireland

The Protocol on Ireland/ Northern Ireland

Progress since our first report

Box 3: Example of the standard text on the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland in common frameworks (as it applies to the Plant Health framework)

Managing divergence

Information sharing

The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill

Engagement with the Republic of Ireland

Chapter 5: Coordination and programme delivery

Central coordination

Failure to meet the timetable

Figure 4: Timeline showing delays to the common frameworks programme

Chapter 6: Consistency, quality, and bureaucracy

Consistency between frameworks

Drafting quality of frameworks

Bureaucracy and complexity

Table 1: Table showing the number of framework-specific working groups outlined in each DEFRA framework

Figure 5: Plant Health framework governance arrangements

Figure 6: Chemicals and Pesticides framework governance arrangements

Chapter 7: Transparency and parliamentary scrutiny

Transparency on ‘no Framework required’ areas

Stakeholder consultation

Parliamentary scrutiny

Future committee scrutiny in the House of Lords

Summary of conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: List of Members and declarations of interest

Appendix 2: List of witnesses

Appendix 3: Call for evidence

Appendix 4: List of witnesses, March 2021 report

Appendix 5: Call for evidence, March 2021 report

Appendix 6: Overview of active common framework policy areas

Appendix 7: Overview of policy content in published common frameworks

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