Science and Technology Committee
The neglected pollutants: the effects of artificial light and noise on human health

2nd Report of Session 2022-23 - published 19 July 2023 - HL Paper 232



Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Scientific evidence of health effects

Figure 1: Schematic of light and noise pollution impacts on health and wellbeing


Table 1: The Decibel Scale

Evidence for the health impacts of noise

Sleep and circadian rhythm disruption

Areas for further research

An independent advisory panel for noise


Evidence for the health impacts of artificial light at night

Table 2: Common light scenarios and their measurements in lux

Other health effects from artificial light

Mapping light pollution and human exposure to artificial light at night

Expert advisory group on circadian rhythms and light

Issues affecting noise and light

Possible beneficial effects of light and noise on human health

Chapter 3: Public policy implications


National noise policy

Box 1: Mapping and burden-of-disease calculations for noise pollution

Interventions to reduce noise pollution


A national statement of light pollution policy

Promoting good lighting practice

Light pollution as a statutory nuisance

Issues affecting noise and light

Implications of net-zero policy

Cross-departmental co-ordination

Co-ordination with local authorities

Summary of conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: List of Members and declarations of interest

Appendix 2: List of witnesses

Appendix 3: Call for evidence

Appendix 4: Seminar held at the House of Lords on 28 June 2022

Appendix 5: Private meeting held at the House of Lords on 21 February 2023

Appendix 6: Committee visit to ARUP’s SoundLab on 3 May 2023

Appendix 7: Glossary

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