Integration of Primary and Community Care Committee
Patients at the centre: integrating primary and community care

Report of Session 2023-24 - published 15 December 2023 - HL Paper 18



Summary of conclusions and recommendations

Chapter 1: Introduction

What is this inquiry about?

What are the challenges facing the health service?

What is integration?

Patient pathways: what does well integrated care look like?

How can integration help solve challenges in the NHS?

Box 1: Integration in action: visit to Pimlico

Which services did this inquiry consider?

Figure 1: Sectors of the health service

Box 2: How is the NHS run?

Figure 2: The structure of the NHS in England

How was our inquiry undertaken?

What needs to change?

Chapter 2: Integration policy

A brief history of integration policy

Current government policy

Recent integration reviews

Chapter 3: Structures and organisation

Box 3: Committee visit to Coventry City Council

Stability of structures

ICS membership and boundaries


Chapter 4: Contracts and funding

Contract reform

Partnership model and estates

Budget fragmentation

Place-based commissioning

Chapter 5: Systems and data

Technical barriers: portability and coding

Cultural and legal barriers: uncertainty

Chapter 6: Workforce and training

Training for multi-disciplinary working

Demand and access to primary and community care

Helping primary, community and social care support each other

Box 4: Buurtzorg Model

Appendix 1: List of Members and declarations of interest

Appendix 2: List of witnesses

Appendix 3: Call for evidence

Appendix 4: Summary of visit to Pimlico

Appendix 5: Summary of visit to Coventry

Appendix 6: Summary of roundtable event

Appendix 7: Acronyms and glossary

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