Civil Aviation Bill

Civil Aviation Bill

Session 2005-06
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Short Title of the Bill
Make further provision about civil aviation, including provision about the funding of the Air Travel Trust; and for connected purposes.

Extract from Explanatory Note produced by Government Department   
The Bill will make clear that an aerodrome authority may charge aircraft operators for use of the aerodrome by reference to the emissions from an aircraft (as well as to the noise produced). The Government's intention in doing so is to enable aerodrome operators to set their charges to reflect the impact of aircraft on local air quality in the vicinity of an airport, where there are local air quality problems. The powers of the Secretary of State to limit noise and vibration from the taking-off and landing of aircraft at a designated aerodrome will be widened and the operator of a designated aerodrome will be given the power to levy financial penalties on an aircraft operator who breaches noise abatement requirements imposed by the Secretary of State. Aerodrome operators of other aerodromes will be given new powers to make noise control schemes. (Source: Explanatory Note Bill 84- EN)

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Royal Assent   The Bill has received Royal Assent and is now available on the Office of Public Sector Information site

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