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The United Kingdom Parliament

Bills and Legislation: Key

C C C C C L L L L L    
1R 2R SelCom Rep 3R 1R 2R Comm Rep 3R PP RA

1R - First Reading: date of presentation (usually formal with no debate)

2R - Second Reading (debate on the principles of the Bill)

SRC - Second Reading Committee (2R taken in Committee: formal 2R in whole House next day unless otherwise stated)

SGC/WGC - Scottish or Welsh Grand Committee (Second Reading taken in one of the Grand Committees)

Comm - Committee Stage (the detailed examination of the Bill)

SelCom - Bill referred to a Select Committee

Rep - Report Stage (detailed review of the Bill as amended in committee)

3R - Third Reading (final debate on the Bill)

PP - Ping Pong, where the bill passes back and forth between the two Houses debating amendments to the bill

  • L - Commons' Amendments considered in the House of Lords
  • C - Lords' Amendments considered in the House of Commons

RA - Royal Assent, the Bill becomes an Act of Parliament.

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