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Section 28(5)

Procedure for passing, rescinding or varying a resolution designating a market area under section 28 (markets)

Before passing a resolution under section 28 (markets) or rescinding or varying such a resolution the council shall give notice in writing—
(a)to all licence holders whom the council could reasonably expect would be affected by the proposed resolution; and
(b)to any body which appears to the council to represent such licence holders.
The notice shall—
(a)give details of the proposed resolution; and
(b)state that representations may be made regarding the proposed resolution by the date specified in the notice as the due date which date shall be not less than 28 days after the notice has been given.
As soon as practicable after the due date the council shall consider all representations received by that date and may at its discretion consider representations received after that date.
The council shall give to any person who makes representations by the due date an opportunity to make oral representations to the council and may at its discretion give to other persons making representations a similar opportunity.
The council may pass the resolution with any modifications which it considers appropriate as a result of any representations received under this Schedule.
As soon as practicable after passing a resolution under paragraph 5 the council shall by notice in writing inform all parties given notice of the proposed resolution.


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