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City of Westminster—continued


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Section 58

Minor and consequential amendments

 London Local Authorities Act 1990 (c. vii)
In section 38(4C)(d)—
(a)in paragraph (i) for "the City of Westminster Act 1999" substitute "the City of Westminster Act 2009";
(b)in paragraph (ii) for "the said Act of 1999" substitute "the said Act of 2009".
 London Local Authorities Act 2004 (c. i)
In Schedule 2 (which lists offences in respect of which a fixed penalty notice can be given under section 15 (fixed penalty offences) of that Act) for entries numbered 8 to 13 (which relate to offences under the City of Westminster Act 1999 (c. i)) substitute the following—

"8 City of Westminster Act 2009 41(1) Unlicensed street trading
9 41(2) Street trading by holder of licence on a day or in a place not specified in his licence
10 42(1)(a) Contravention of condition of street trading licence or temporary licence
11 42(1)(b) Making false statement in connection with application for street trading licence or temporary licence
12 42(1)(c) Resisting or obstructing authorised officer
13 42(1)(d) Failure to produce street trading licence or proof of insurance on demand
13A 52(2) Touting"

 London Local Authorities Act 2007 (c. ii)
In section 36 (interpretation of Chapter 2), for the definition of "the Act of 1999" substitute ""the Act of 2009" means the City of Westminster Act 2009;".
In section 37 (bridges in the City of Westminster and London Borough of Lambeth) for "the Act of 1999" substitute "the Act of 2009" in the following places—
(a)subsection (1)(b);
(b)subsection (2);
(c)subsection (5)(a), (b), (c)(i), (c)(ii), (6), (7) (in both places) and in subsection (8) in the definitions of "relevant petty sessions area" and "street".

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