Arrangement of Clauses (Contents)

Buckinghamshire County Council (Filming on Highways) Bill



This Bill is promoted by Buckinghamshire County Council.

The purpose of this Bill is to confer powers in relation to filming on highways on Buckinghamshire County Council.

Clause 1 deals with citation.

Clause 2 defines certain expressions used in the Bill.

Clause 3 enables the council, by order or by notice, to prohibit or restrict traffic on roads for the purpose of enabling the making of a film to take place. It also enables closures for the purpose of enabling members of the public to watch the making of a film or to reduce the disruption to traffic likely to be caused by the making of a film. The clause modifies section 16A of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 which provides powers to traffic authorities to close roads for the purpose of special events, such as cycle races. Notices can be issued to enable the immediate prohibition or restriction of traffic if it appears to the council that the prohibition or restriction should be imposed without delay.

By altering the application of section 16B of the 1984 Act, Clause 4 sets out restrictions which would apply to orders made and notices given for film making purposes. An order under Clause 3 may not remain in force for longer than seven days whilst a notice under that clause may not continue in force for a period of more than 24 hours. Section 16B is also altered so as to prevent any more than six film orders being made in one calendar year without the consent of the Secretary of State as regards any stretch of road.

Clause 5 alters the application of section 16C of the 1984 Act so as to make it an offence to contravene a film notice (in the same way that it is already an offence to contravene an order under section 16A, which would include a film order should the Bill be passed).

Clause 6 enables the council to grant permission to any person making a film to place any object or thing required for the purposes of making a film on the highway temporarily and use objects or things so placed. It enables the council to place conditions on the granting of a permission, including conditions requiring the payment of a charge to the council to reimburse its reasonable expenses in granting the permission. The clause contains safeguards for statutory undertakers.


In the view of Buckinghamshire County Council the provisions of the Buckinghamshire County Council (Filming on Highways) Bill are compatible with the Convention rights.

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Prepared 10 December 2013