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Here you can browse the Written Evidence ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 7 February 2007.

Written evidence


Memorandum from the Office of Science and Innovation

Memorandum from Department for Culture, Media and Sport and UK Sport

Memorandum from Dr Andy Miah, University of Paisley

Memorandum from the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University

Memorandum from Professor M R Yeadon and Professor R J Maughan, School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Loughborough University

Memorandum from Dr Henning Wackerhage and Dr Aivaras Ratkevicius, School of Medical Sciences, College of Life Sciences & Medicine, University of Aberdeen

Memorandum from the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance

Memorandum from Professor Julian Savulescu, Director, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford and Bennett Foddy, Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne, Australia

Memorandum from Michele Verroken

Memorandum from GH—2004

Memorandum from Dr Bruce Hamilton, Chief Medical Officer, UK Athletics

Memorandum from the British Olympic Association

Memorandum from Professor Ian McGrath, Institute of Biomedical & Life Sciences

Memorandum from Dr H Hoppeler, Institute of Anatomy, University of Bern

Memorandum from Dr M J McNamee, University of Wales, Swansea

Supplementary evidence from Dr Arne Ljungqvist, Chairman of International Olympic Committee (IOC) Medical Commission and Chairman of the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) Medical Research Committee

Memorandum from Zef Eisenberg, sports nutrition expert

Supplementary memorandum from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Supplementary evidence from UK Sport following the evidence session on 19 July 2006

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