Select Committee on Regulatory Reform Minutes of Evidence

Annex A

Working with departments and regulators to simplify and modernise existing regulations Working with departments to improve the design of new regulations and how they are communicated Working with regulators (including local authorities) and departments to change attitudes and approaches to regulation to become more risk-based
Systems reform

Administrative Burdens reduction programme. website.

Programme for reducing data requests on front-line public sector workers.
Embedding Impact Assessment

Review of Consultation Policy

Commitment to publish total costs of new regulations from April 2008.

Code of Practice for government guidance.

Improved communications around new regulations introduced on Common Commencement Dates.

Regulatory budgets
Mergers of national regulators/inspectorates

Reviews of Independent Regulators

Regulators Compliance Code

Statutory Duty on Regulators to Address Burdens

Clarifying regulatory priorities for local authorities

Establishing LBRO

25% EU Admin burdens target

Davidson Review for reducing burdens in stock of EU legislation

Ongoing work to improve Impact Assessment in the EU
Building on relationship with other members states to promote overall improvements in European regulatory reform

Interventions around
specific policy areas

Consumer Law Review

Review of Impact of Health & Safety regulations on low-risk businesses

Support for Flanagan Review of Policing

Ongoing engagement between BRE staff and departments on the development of new domestic and EU policy

Retail Enforcement Pilot

EUWill potentially follow from EU Admin burdens work PRA clearance of new regulations
BRE's communications programme is cross-cutting and spans all elements of the programme.

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Prepared 21 July 2008