Select Committee on Regulatory Reform Minutes of Evidence

Annex B


  Toolkits, training, advice and guidance resources have been devised to empower departments to implement the regulatory reform agenda with a consistent approach.

Administrative Burdens Calculator

  A web-based tool used to model the administrative burden of new regulations or the impact of simplification measures. This also acts as the public face of the UK's administrative burden data.[59]


Administrative Burdens Database

  This is the successor to the Stock Database issued by the BRE. This new database has been designed to improve access to the wealth of information gathered during the Administrative Burdens Measurement Exercise conducted by PwC and provides the central audit trail of the changes to the UK's Administrative Burden.

Standard Cost Model Online Training

  Created to provide an overview of the methodology and explain its key components. The training contains two case studies, the first applying the methodology to a fictional new regulation and the second to identify the most effective way to simplify an existing regulation. (

Impact Assessment Online Training

  Created to provide an overview of the Impact Assessment process, explain its key components to those new to it or those who want to know how it has changed. The training includes a case study where the process is applied to a fictional policy proposal. (

Standard Cost Model Manual

  The methodology is explained within this manual, providing detailed definition for all of the terms encountered in the training as well as explaining the various steps you should take when measuring the administrative burden of new regulations.


How to simplify regulations

  "Administrative Burdens—Routes to Reduction" is a short report that highlights the key areas that simplification should be focused upon, as well as providing some useful real life examples of simplification that have already been implemented. (

Impact Assessment Toolkit

  The Impact Assessment Toolkit provides more detailed information in how to complete an Impact Assessment and where you can find the information you need to capture within it.


Completing Competition Assessments in Impact Assessments—A Guide for Policy makers

  The Competition Advocacy Team at the OFT completed an audit of the competition assessment element of Impact Assessments carried out by government departments. Overall, government departments appear to have adopted the new competition assessment filter (for further information on the filter see OFT document (August 2007) or contact

PricewaterhouseCoopers Technical Summary

  PwC created a Technical Summary that explained how they applied the Standard Cost Model to measure Administrative Burdens. This Summary includes details of the various obligation and activity types, information on how wage rates were established. It also includes the scripts used for the telephone and face-to-face interview, as well as those used for expert panels.


Simplification Guidance

  The Better Regulation Executive has created guidance to help departments create their revised Simplification Plans. This builds on the original guidance that was issued in June 2006 and highlights the key areas that departments should focus upon going forward.


The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006

  Is one of the key tools for the Better regulation agenda. The first Legislative Reform Order has now been passed into law and there are a further 29 which have been considered or are in the pipeline.

  The BRE conducted a series of training workshops for departments providing detailed guidance on the capability of Legislative Reform Orders and how to use this tool. The BRE continues to be a hub of information for departments looking to use this tool and has provided an online toolkit for departments.

April 2008

59   Excluding data for HMRC and the Financial Services Authority. Back

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