Select Committee on Defence First Report


AORArea of Responsibility
AQIAl Qaeda Iraq
CCCICentral Criminal Court of Iraq
COBContingency Operating Base (Basra Air Station)
DIFDivisional Internment Facility
DIRCDivisional Internment Review Committee
IEDImprovised Explosive Device
IPSIraqi Police Service
IRGCIslamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Iran)
ISFIraqi Security Forces
ISGIraq Study Group (United States)
JAMJaish Al Mahdi
JHF-IJoint Helicopter Force—Iraq
MoDMinistry of Defence
MND(SE)Multi-National Division (South-East)
MNF-IMulti-National Force—Iraq
PICProvincial Iraqi Control
PJCCProvincial Joint Co-ordination Centre (Basra Palace)
PRTProvincial Reconstruction Team
SSRSecurity Sector Reform
UORUrgent Operational Requirement
UNSCRUnited Nations Security Council Resolution

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© Parliamentary copyright 2007
Prepared 3 December 2007