Select Committee on Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Fourth Report

List of written evidence

1Arts and Humanities Research Council Ev 59, 60, 114
2British Antarctic Survey Ev 61
3British Academy Ev 64
4Radio and Space Plasma Physics Research Group, University of Leicester Ev 65
5UK Solar Physics Community Ev 66
6Professor Stephen Hill, University of London Ev 67
7Institute of Physics and the Royal Astronomical Society Ev 68
8Prospect Ev 75
9Royal Society Ev 76
10Russell Group of Universities Ev 77
11Australian Institute of Physics Ev 79
12Standing Conference of Astronomy Professors Ev 80
13Dr Ian Corbett Ev 82
14Group Leaders in Particle Physics Ev 82
15Professor Pat Roche, Oxford University Ev 85
16University College Union Ev 85
17Space Plasma Environment and Radio Science Group, Lancaster University Ev 87
18Universities UK Ev 89
19Professor Alan Rodger, British Antarctic Survey Ev 90
20Danny Steeghs, University of Warwick Ev 91
21Heads of relevant UK Research Groups Ev 92
22Department of Physics, Durham University Ev 94
23Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Solar-Terrestrial Council Ev 95
24Johannes Knapp, University of Leeds Ev 99
25Dr Sam Nolan, University of Durham Ev 100
26Jim Hinton, University of Leeds Ev 101
27Dr Brian W J McNeil, University of Strathclyde Ev 102
28Science and Technology Facilities Council Ev 102, 106
29Dr Mark Thompson, University of Hertfordshire Ev 104
30Herbert Carlson, Air Force Office of Scientific Research Ev 105
31A P Van Eyken, EISCAT Scientific Association Ev 105
32Professor Swapan Chattopadhyay, Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science and Technology Ev 107
33Professor A D Aylward, University College London Ev 112
34Professor Stan Cowley, Professor Mark Lester, Dr Steve Milan, Professor Terry Robinson, Dr Darren Wright and Professor Tim Yeoman, University of Leicester Ev 113
35Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills Ev 116

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© Parliamentary copyright 2008
Prepared 30 April 2008