Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Seventh Report

Annex 1: Visit programmes

Visit to Ascension Island, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the Falkland Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands

10 - 18 March 2008

The Committee split into three groups for this visit:
Group 1 consisted of:Group 2 consisted of: Group 3 consisted of:
Mr John HoramSir John Stanley Mr Eric Illsley
Mr Andrew MackinlayMr Paul Keetch Ms Gisela Stuart
Mr Malcolm MossMr Greg Pope

Group 1: Bermuda

Sunday 9 March
20:15Briefing with Sir Richard Gozney, Governor of Bermuda

Monday 10 March
09:00Meeting with Dr Ewart Brown MP, Premier of Bermuda
10:15Meeting with Mr Wayne Carey, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture and Social Rehabilitation
11:30Teleconference with Arlene Brock, Ombudsman of Bermuda
12:45Lunch with Hon Paula Cox MP, Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance, and Senator Hon Kim Wilson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and also Acting Minister for Labour Home Affairs & Housing, hosted by Mark Capes, Deputy Governor
14:30Meeting with Senator Alf Oughton, President of the Senate
15:15Meeting with Hon Stanley Lowe MP, Speaker, and Dame Jennifer Smith, Deputy Speaker, House of Assembly
16:00Meeting with Mr Richard Ground OBE QC, Chief Justice, Supreme Court
18:00Reception at Government House

Tuesday 11 March
09:30Meeting with Hon Kim Swan MP, Leader of the Opposition, and other senior members of the United Bermuda Party
10:45Meeting with Matthew Elderfield, CEO, Bermuda Monetary Authority
12:30Lunch with representatives of Bermuda's business community
14:30Meeting with Lt Col William White, Commanding Officer, and other senior officers, Bermuda Regiment
17:15Public meeting at Mount St Agnes Auditorium, Hamilton

Wednesday 12 March
08:00Breakfast with CEOs of banks, hosted by Philip Butterfield, CEO, Bank of Bermuda
09:45Meeting with Bermudians Against the Draft
11:00Visit to St George's and St Catherine's Fort
12:15Meeting with Mariea Caisey, Mayor of St George's
12:45Visit to Dockyard
15:00Meeting with Dr Ed Harris, Executive Director, Marine Museum
17:00Wash-up meeting with Sir Richard Gozney, Governor, and Mark Capes, Deputy Governor

Group 2: the Cayman Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands

The Cayman Islands

Monday 10 March
08:30Breakfast briefing from the Governor, Mr Stuart Jack and other staff in Governor's office, followed by tour of office
10:00Financial Services roundtable, hosted by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
11:15Meeting on illegal migration, hosted by the Chief Immigration Officer at the Department of Immigration
12:30Lunch with cross-section of senior local figures, hosted by the Governor
14:15Meeting with Hon Kurt Tibbetts, Leader of Government Business
15:15Meeting with disaster management experts at the Emergency Operations Centre hosted by the Director of Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI)
16:40Meeting with Sara Collins, Chair, and other members, Human Rights Committee
18:40Reception for the Cayman Islands Youth Parliament
20.00Dinner with the Governor

Tuesday 11 March
09:15Meeting with members of Cabinet
10:25Meeting with Hon McKeeva Bush, Leader of the Opposition
11.15Meeting with Mrs Edna Moyle, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
12.00Lunch with members of the Legislative Assembly
12.45 Depart for Turks and Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos Islands

Wednesday 12 March
09:00Meeting with Governor and Head of Governor's Office
10.00Meeting with Premier and ministers
11:00Tour of Providenciales accompanied by the Governor, including visit to detention centre and police station
12:30Lunch with Governor, Premier and business people, investors and media editors
14:00Private meetings
15:30Meeting with Mrs Quelch-Missick, Chairman-designate of Human Rights Commission
18:30Reception with Governor, Premier and cross-section of community in Providenciales
20.00Dinner with Governor, Premier and ministers

Thursday 13 March
09:00Meeting with Mr Floyd Seymour, Leader of the Opposition, and colleagues
10:10Meeting with Church leaders
[Flight to Grand Turk]
12:00Meeting at the Financial Services Commission
13:15Lunch with Chief Justice, Chief Auditor, Complaints Commissioner, Police Commissioner, and senior officials
14:20Tour of Grand Turk accompanied by the Governor, including visit to prison and drive by cruise centre
15:30Wash-up meeting with Governor, Deputy Governor and Attorney General
[Return to Providenciales]

Group 3: Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands

Wednesday 12 March

Ascension Island
07:30Briefing from Mr Michael Hill, Administrator of Ascension Island
Meeting with Lawson Henry and Johnny Hobson, representatives of the former Island Council
Meeting with Malcolm Mo, Member, Ascension Island Advisory Group

The Falkland Islands
18:00Reception hosted by Mr Paul Martinez, Acting Governor

Thursday 13 March
09:00Briefing from Dr Tim Thorogood, Chief Executive, Falkland Islands government
14:00Discussion with members of the Falkland Islands Legislative Council (LegCo)
15:30Meeting with Jake Downing, General Manager, Falkland Islands Tourism

Friday 14 March
09:00Briefing by Jon Clark, Acting Director of Fisheries, Fisheries Department
10:30Meeting with Chamber of Commerce Council
12.00Meeting with Chamber Council members
13:30Tour of King Edward Memorial VII Hospital
17:00Public meeting in Chamber of Commerce

Saturday 15 March
[Transfer to San Carlos]
11:00Visit to San Carlos Cemetery to lay wreath, escorted by Sheila and Terence McPhee
Tea and chat with local residents
Visit to Argentine Cemetery to lay wreath
Lunch at Darwin Lodge
[Return to Stanley]

Sunday 16 March
19:00Dinner at local residents' homes - Mr Keith and Mrs Val Padgett and Mr Stuart and Mrs Lillian Wallace
Monday 17 March

Tuesday 18 March

09:30Briefing on oil by Mrs Phyl Rendell, Director of Minerals and Agriculture
12:00Lunch with Councillors
Wash-up session with Mr Paul Martinez, Deputy Governor

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