Select Committee on Public Accounts Commission Report

List of Interviewees

Sir Brian Bender - Permanent Secretary (Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform)

Bob Black - Auditor General - Scotland

Steve Bundred - Chief Executive (Audit Commission)

Tim Burr - Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (NAO)

Chris Cairns - Tenon (NAO external auditor)

Gaby Cohen - Assistant Auditor General (NAO)

Jeremy Colman - Auditor General - Wales

Sir Michael Davies - non-executive - NAO Audit Committee

Paula Diggle - HM Treasury

John Dowdall - Auditor General - Northern Ireland

Sheila Fraser - Auditor General - Canada

Steve Freer - non-executive - NAO Audit Committee

Christine Freshwater - non-executive - NAO Audit Committee

Ed Humpherson - Assistant Auditor General (NAO)

Mary Keegan - HM Treasury

Wendy Kenway-Smith - Assistant Auditor General (NAO)

Edward Leigh MP - Chairman (Public Accounts Committee)

Karin Lindell - Auditor General - Sweden

Nick Macpherson - Permanent Secretary (HM Treasury)

Caroline Mawhood - Assistant Auditor General (NAO)

Sir Gus O'Donnell - Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Home Civil Service

Michael O'Higgins - Chairman (Audit Commission)

Jim Rickleton - Assistant Auditor General (NAO)

Sir Michael Scholar -Chair of the Statistics Board

Martin Sinclair - Assistant Auditor General (NAO)

Michael Whitehouse - Assistant Auditor General (NAO)

Rt Hon Alan Williams MP- Chairman (Public Accounts Commission)

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Prepared 7 February 2008