Select Committee on Transport Twelfth Report

4  Lessons learned

20.  During the course of our first evidence session on 7 May, we asked BAA for a note on the lessons they had learned from the opening of T5. In the document they sent us, they told us that they had found it necessary:

  • to refine the parameters for live monitoring of baggage performance;
  • to over-provide for staff search and control posts on the opening day;
  • to establish a joint BA/BAA crisis management team at terminal level for critical events and crisis situations; and
  • to ensure a direct link between the BAA and BA baggage and logistics teams with early warning indicators and protocols established for decision making in critical baggage operational scenarios.[30]

21.  In addition to these specific measures, Colin Matthews—upon becoming Chief Executive on 1 April 2008—restructured the Executive Committee to focus effort on improving standards, particularly at Heathrow. Steve Turner associated this restructuring with improved communication between staff and management at BAA, when he said that:

"the managerial structure of BAA will facilitate a much better working relationship with the trade unions in future. BA is a different animal; BA will always be BA. We will continue to represent the interests of our members in BA. Whether or not that brings us into conflict with BA's management team is a different story, but BA has a particular style; it is led and managed with a particular style and I do not see any significant changes to it."[31]

We are pleased that strategic changes at BAA have improved relations with the trade union side.

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