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Note on permissible donations and loans

After receiving a donation over £500 in value a Member has 30 days to check and confirm it is from a permissible source before either accepting it or returning it. Before entering into a loan a Member must check and confirm the lender is permissible. The Member then has a further 30 days to report permissible donations or loans over £1500 to the Registrar or to report impermissible or unidentifiable donations and loans (over £500) to the Commission. Members must check the permissibility of a lender before entering into a loan, credit facility or guarantee arrangement for political activities.

Under Chapter 2 of Part IV of PPERA a permissible source is:

  • an individual registered in a UK electoral register (including bequests)
  • a UK-registered company which is incorporated within the European Union (EU) and carries on business in the UK
  • a GB-registered political party
  • a UK-registered trade union
  • a UK-registered building society
  • a UK-registered limited liability partnership that carries on business in the UK
  • a UK-registered friendly society
  • a UK-based unincorporated association that carries on business or other activities in the UK

Funding for overseas visits can come from any source as long as the amount given does not exceed the cost of the trip.

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