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Annex 2

Figure 2: DFI investments, 2009 ($ millions)

Notes: To private sector only and EBRD and EIB investment to public sector excluded, IFC: year to March 2010, excludes syndications. Portfolio data may be more appropriate for some: e.g. annual commitments to funds are less meaningful. Non-European bilateral DFIs such as OPIC excluded. Coverted into dollars using Euro - dollar exchange rate for average in the year.Source: Kingombe et al (2011) based on the EDFI annual report, annual DFI reports and own calculations
Kingombe, C., I. Massa and D.W. te Velde (2011), "Comparing Development Finance Institutions, Literature Review", Report for UK DFID and presented at CDC Roundtable on 20 January 2011.

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