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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

RSS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ABO Wind UK Ltd (RSS0020)

2Anne Burke (RSS0039)

3Ayrenergy (RSS0061)

4Binn Group (RSS0053)

5Bob Glen (RSS0004)

6Brenda Herrick (RSS0074)

7Brian Smart (RSS0068)

8British Hydropower Association (RSS0054)

9Christopher Walsh (RSS0042)

10Civil Engineering Contractors Association (RSS0019)

11ClimateXChange (RSS0028)

12Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (RSS0022)

13COSLA (RSS0006)

14CS&K Community Council (RSS0087)

15David Bowen (RSS0003)

16Department of Energy and Climate Change (RSS0055)

17Department of Energy and Climate Change (RSS0093)

18Doosan Babcock (RSS0023)

19Dr George Lindsay (RSS0001)

20Dr George Lindsay (RSS0013)

21E.ON (RSS0029)

22E3G (RSS0044)

23Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, University of Edinburgh (RSS0026)

24Endrick Valley Action Group (RSS0011)

25Energy Saving Trust (RSS0048)

26Flemington Against Wind Turbines (RSS0077)

27Flex Marine Power Ltd (RSS0043)

28Gaia-Wind Ltd (RSS0027)

29Green Highland Renewables Ltd (RSS0007)

30Hoolan Energy Ltd (RSS0050)

31Independent Renewable Energy Generators Group (RSS0031)

32Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland (RSS0067)

33Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland (RSS0052)

34John Muir Trust (RSS0062)

35Laird David Whannel (RSS0009)

36Laird David Whannel (RSS0090)

37Lyndsey Ward (RSS0015)

38Lyndsey Ward (RSS0078)

39Mackay Consultants (RSS0059)

40MEG Renewables (RSS0005)

41Miss Karen Gallagher (RSS0084)

42Moscow and Waterside Community Council (RSS0079)

43Mr Angus Scott Dickins (RSS0002)

44Mr Douglas Brodie (RSS0010)

45Mr James Taylor (RSS0024)

46Mr John Edmondson (RSS0081)

47Mr Stuart Young (RSS0012)

48Mr Stuart Young (RSS0073)

49Mrs Aileen Jackson (RSS0070)

50Mrs Alison Chapman (RSS0064)

51Mrs Christine Metcalfe (RSS0021)

52Mrs Mary Young (RSS0075)

53Mrs Pat Wells (RSS0025)

54NFU Scotland (RSS0017)

55Nuclear Free Local Authorities Scotland (RSS0065)

56Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (RSS0092)

57Renewable Energy Foundation (RSS0058)

58RSPB Scotland (RSS0041)

59RSPB Scotland (RSS0088)

60Rumster anti-Windfarm Group (RSS0076)

61RWE Innogy UK (RSS0030)

62Save Straiton for Scotland (RSS0086)

63Save Straiton for Scotland (RSS0091)

64Save Your Regional Parkcampaign (RSS0071)

65Scientific Alliance Scotland (RSS0057)

66Scotland Against Spin (RSS0063)

67Scotland Against Spin (RSS0095)

68Scottish Council for Development and Industry (RSS0035)

69Scottish Energy Association (RSS0033)

70Scottish Enterprise (RSS0036)

71Scottish Government (RSS0047)

72Scottish Government (RSS0094)

73Scottish Renewables (RSS0018)

74Scottish Renewables (RSS0066)

75ScottishPower (RSS0051)

76SGN (RSS0014)

77SNIPEF (RSS0034)

78Solar Trade Association (RSS0046)

79Statkraft UK Ltd. (RSS0038)

80Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (RSS0037)

81Sustainable Shetland (RSS0060)

82Sustainable Shetland (RSS0096)

83The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) (RSS0040)

84The Institution of Engineering and Technology (RSS0032)

85The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSS0056)

86The TaxPayers’ Alliance (RSS0069)

87Vattenfall (RSS0049)

88Viking Energy Shetland LLP (RSS0085)

89WWF Scotland (RSS0016)

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