Second Special Report of Session 2017–19 Contents



The Bill and Additional Provision 1

Timing of Additional Provision 2

The Committee’s First Special Report

HS2’s response to the Committee’s First Special Report

Committee Activity

Language used in committee

Effective petitioning

Our approach

Members of Parliament

Committee decisions

Purpose of announcements

Borrow pits

Tunnel options Whitmore Heath - Madeley

Stone Infrastructure Maintenance Base-Railhead/Aldersey’s Rough

Lowering of the Kings Bromley Viaduct

Swynnerton Parish Council (No. 86)

Colton Parish Council (No. 47)

Frank and Angela Simmons (No.68)

The Yarlet Trust (No. 174)

Woore Parish Council/ Woore Primary and Nursery School

(Nos. 134 and 190)

Elizabeth, Neville and Timothy Baskeyfield (No. 43)

The Incumbent and Churchwardens, Saint Leonards Church, Marston (No. 97)

Dr Paul and Elizabeth Carter (No. 32)

Robert, Helen and Richard Parkinson (No. 180)

M J and Mrs M E Daw and W B Daw and Son (Nos. 178, AP 1–26 and AP 1–12)

Sharon Mawbey (No. 192)

J A Fielding, J A Fielding Farms (Nos. 72 and AP 1–12)

Andrew and William Dangerfield (No. 170)

Luke Mellor and Son (No. 155)

Richard, Ivor and Elizabeth Clarke (No. 62)

Andrew and Pauline Collier (No. 28)

Christopher and Carol Carney (No. 41)

Robert Birchill (No. 46)

Mr Peter and Mrs Lorraine Bailey (No. 80)

George Helen and Sarah Dyke (No. 17)

Ingestre Park Golf Club (No. 148)

The Inland Waterways Associations (No. 2)

General recommendations

Access to land purchased under compulsory purchase orders



Right of entry


Highways and access routes

Mental health issues

Other matters

The Residents’ Commissioner and the Construction Commissioner

Formal minutes

Published: 23 July 2018