DFID’s work on disability–inclusive development Contents




Previous IDC work on disability

DFID’s efforts towards disability inclusive development pre-2018 Strategy

The 2014 Disability Framework

Concerns about the framework

The 2018 global disability summit

The 2018 Disability Strategy

Inquiry terms of reference

The appointment of Special Advisers

Evidence and consultations

Recent changes at DFID

The Global Disability Summit (GDS 18)

DFID’s Strategy for Disability Inclusive Development 2018–2023—general themes

Mainstreaming disability - an integrated approach

Resourcing and staff

Research and data gaps:

People with Disabilities (PWDs), and DPOs

Monitoring and evaluation


Disability and the Sustainable Development Goals

Neglected areas in the Strategy

DFID’s Strategy—the four pillars

Strategy pillar one: Inclusive Education

Strategy pillar two: social protection

Strategy pillar three: economic empowerment

The private sector

Strategy pillar four: humanitarian action

DFID’s Strategy—cross-cutting themes

Tackling Stigma and Discrimination

Empowering girls and women with disabilities

Assistive technology

Mental health and psychosocial disabilities


Cross-departmental ODA spending

Conclusions and Recommendations

Annex: preparatory consultation

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 30 July 2019