Research integrity: clinical trials transparency Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

RES numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Australian Research Council (RES0050)

2Bullied into Bad Science (RES0002)

3Carmen Helena Coxon (RES0035)

4Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (RES0033)

5Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (RES0054)

6Collated responses from Departmental Chief Scientists (RES0048)

7Collated responses from UUK members regarding Concordat compliance (RES0059)

8Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (RES0057)

9Dr Dominic Edward (RES0027)

10Dr Gesche Huebner (RES0010)

11Dr Hugh Llewelyn (RES0024)

12Dr Paola Di Maio (RES0039)

13Dr Paul Marchant (RES0042)

14Dr Paul Taylor and Dr Daniel Barr, RMIT University, Melbourne (RES0051)

15Dr Peter Wilmshurst (RES0025)

16Dr Sarah Starkey (RES0018)

17Dr Simon Kolstoe (RES0030)

18Dr Venu Kumar (RES0012)

19EIS (RES0013)

20Health Research Authority (RES0040)

21Health Research Authority (RES0047)

22HealthWatch UK & Universities Allied for Essential Medicines UK & TranspariMED & Dr Simon Kolstoe (joint submission) (RES0008)

23Innovate UK (RES0044)

24Mathias Willumsen (RES0043)

25Medical Research Council (RES0032)

26Medical Research Council (RES0041)

27Meta-Lab (RES0021)

28Miss Tessa Burrington (RES0011)

29Professor David J Hand (RES0028)

30Professor Donald S Kornfeld (RES0037)

31Professor Dorothy Bishop (RES0019)

32Professor Marcus Munafò (RES0049)

33Professor Patricia Murray and Raphael Lévy (RES0022)

34Professor Patricia Murray and Raphael Lévy (RES0045)

35Professor Patricia Murray and Raphael Lévy (RES0053)

36Roger Shinton (RES0046)

37Russell Group (RES0056)

38Samuel Denyer and Dr Simon Peck (RES0031)

39Sense about Science (RES0034)

40STOPAIDS, HealthWatch UK, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines UK and TranspariMED (RES0036)

41The Academy of Medical Sciences (RES0005)

42The Royal Society (RES0014)

43Tony Mayer, Professor Lex Bouter, and Professor Nick Steneck (RES0026)

44TranspariMED (RES0058)

45UK Research and Innovation (RES0055)

46UK Research Integrity Office (RES0023)

47UK Research Integrity Office (RES0052)

48Universities UK (RES0020)

49Wendy Appleby on behalf of UCL (RES0029)

Published: 30 October 2018