Commercial and recreational drone use in the UK Contents

Annex 1: Visit to Imperial University

1)On Thursday 4 July, the Chair of the Committee, Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP, and Stephen Metcalfe MP, Bill Grant MP and Sam Gyimah MP visited Imperial College’s Brahmal Vasudevan Multi Terrain Aerial Robotics Arena, hosted by Dr Mirko Kovac, Director of the Aerial Robotics Laboratory.

2)Dr Kovac outlined his research on the usage of drones for digital infrastructure systems, both in the air and underwater. He demonstrated how drones would be key for the future of diagnostic and repair work.

3)Dr Kovac explained how the lab used examples from the natural world to inform their technologies. For example, drone crash resilience properties had been in part developed through studying bees’ crash resilience as they landed from flight.

4)Dr Kovac showed the Committee a number of demonstrations of drones being used for these purposes.

5)Dr Kovac outlined four key priorities that regulators should take into account when enhancing the innovative environment for licence exemptions for universities. These were:

Published: 11 October 2019