Commercial and recreational drone use in the UK


Terms of reference


1 Introduction

Drones in the UK

What is a “drone”?

Our inquiry

Aims of this Report

2 Current regulations

Current legislation

Flight Restriction Zones

Agreed forthcoming regulations

Drones Bill

Registration fee and online test

Enforcing registration

3 Opportunities

Hobbyist drone operators

Economic opportunities

Humanitarian and emergency service provision

4 Risks

Manned Aviation

Risks to aircraft

Risks to helicopters

Malign intent and individual safety

Terrorist use of drones


5 Drone safety education


Drone Code

Commercial drone users

6 Technology required

Purpose of the Chapter

Drone devices

Identification and electronic conspicuity

Geo-fencing and embedded safety features

International standards


Unmanned traffic management system (UTMS)

Tracking and counter-UAV

7 Vision for the future

Purpose of the chapter

Vision and international comparisons

Universities and testing

Public perception

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex 1: Visit to Imperial University

Annex 2: Roundtable with recreational and commercial drone users

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 11 October 2019