House of Lords Public Bill Sessional Statistics for Session 1997-98 Contents

Table 7: Private Members' Bills introduced in the House of Lords

Title Amendments
British Nationality (St. Helena) 00
Building Regulations (Energy Rating Information) (Amendment) 00
Business Improvement Districts 5641
Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons (Amendment) 00
Coordinated Universal Time 86
Criminal Appeal (Amendment) 00
Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) (Amendment) 10
Electricity Generation 00
Employment Rights (Dispute Resolution) 8649
Energy Efficiency (No. 2) 00
Geneva Conventions (Amendment) 00
Hereditary Peerages (Election) 00
Local Government (Experimental Arrangements) 8751
Lord Chancellor (Tenure of Office) (Amendment) 10
Mental Health (Amendment) (No. 2) 22
Pensions (Amendment) 00
Pharmacists 00
Prime Minister (Ecclesiastical Functions) 00
Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) (Amendment) 00
Sexual Orientation Discrimination 00
Succession to the Crown 00
Welfare of Pigs (No. 2) 00
Total241 149

Note: Privilege amendments are not included.

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