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House of Lords Public Bill Sessional Statistics for Session 1997-98

Here you can browse the Sessional Statistics relating to Public Bills in the House of Lords for Session 1997-98


Table 1: Summary

Commons Bills
Table 2: Government Bills Brought From The House Of Commons (Excluding Provisional Order Confirmation Bills)
Table 3: Private Members' Bills Brought From The House Of Commons
Table 4: Provisional Order Confirmation Bills
Table 5: Money And Supply Bills

Lords Bills
Table 6: Government Bills Introduced In The House Of Lords (Excluding Consolidation Bills)
Table 7: Private Members' Bills Introduced In The House Of Lords
Table 8: Consolidation Bills

Non-Standard proceedings
Table 9: Proceedings On Consideration Of Commons Amendments
Table 10: Grand Committee Proceedings

Summary of amendments
Table 11: Amendments By Stage
Table 12: Government Defeats

Table 13: Bills Not Receiving Royal Assent
Table 14: Special Features

Table 15: Measures


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