House of Lords Public Bill Sessional Statistics for Session 1997-98 Contents

Table 13: Bills not receiving Royal Assent


Succession to the Crown

- withdrawn at 2a

a) Government Bill

European Parliamentary Elections

- fell in Commons through lack of time, following extensive ping-pong
b) Lords Private Members' Bills

British Nationality (St. Helena) - fell in Commons
Building Regulations (Energy Rating Information) (Amendment) - fell in Commons
Business Improvement Districts - fell in Commons
Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons (Amendment) - fell in Commons
Coordinated Universal Time - fell in Commons
Criminal Appeal (Amendment) - not proceeded with after 2a
Electricity Generation - fell in Commons
Energy Efficiency (No. 2) - not proceeded with after 1a
Geneva Conventions (Amendment) - fell in Commons
Hereditary Peerages (Election) - not proceeded with after 1a (motion for 2a tabled and withdrawn from order paper)
Local Government (Experimental Arrangements) - fell in Commons
Lord Chancellor (Tenure of Office) (Amendment) - not proceeded with after 2a
Mental Health (Amendment) (No. 2) - fell in Commons
Pensions (Amendment) - fell in Commons
Pharmacists - not proceeded with after 2a
Prime Minister (Ecclesiastical Functions) - not proceeded with after 1a
Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) (Amendment) - fell in Commons
Sexual Orientation Discrimination - fell in Commons
Welfare of Pigs (No. 2) - not proceeded with after 2a

c) Commons Private Members' Bill

Fireworks - fell in Commons following Lords amts

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