House of Lords Public Bill Sessional Statistics for Session 1997-98 Contents

Table 14: Special features

Bills printed under SO 48
Criminal Justice (Terrorism and Conspiracy)
Criminal Procedure (Intermediate Diets) (Scotland)
Police (Northern Ireland)
European Parliamentary Elections Commons Amdts printed pursuant to SO 48
Teaching and Higher Education 2nd Commons Reason printed pursuant to SO 48 .

Queens Consent on Second Reading
Human Rights
Prime Minister (Ecclesiastical Functions)
Northern Ireland
Government of Wales 3a (not signified at 2a by mistake)

Humble Address for Queen's Consent

Hereditary Peerages (Election)
Succession to the Crown

Other special features
Consolidated Fund Enacted as Consolidated Fund (No. 2) Act 1997
Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) Enacted as Appropriation (No. 2) Act 1997
Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (No 2) Enacted as Appropriation Act 1998
Crime and Disorder Commons amendments 14, 98, 107, 108, 140 & 237 disagreed to on free vote and bill returned with reasons:

Commons did not insist on their amendments.

Criminal Justice (Terrorism and Conspiracy) House recalled to pass legislation.
Education (Student Loans) Repealed in entirety by Teaching and Higher Education Bill
European Communities (Amendment) Adjourned debate on amendments 4 & 5; 24/3/98 & 26/3/98.

Adjourned debate on Amdt 10; 26/3/98 & 27/4/98 ...(etc)

Finance Enacted as Finance (No. 2) Act 1997
Finance (No. 2) Enacted as Finance Act 1998. Printed in 2 Vols.
Firearms (Amendment) Enacted as Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997
Ministerial and other Salaries Not passed within a month of being sent from the Commons: Commons passed resolution under s.2 of Parliament Act 1911
Public Processions etc. (Northern Ireland) Short Title changed at third reading to Public Processions (Northern Ireland). So enacted.
Scotland Second reading over two days; cwh postponed to after other business 27/7/98;
Teaching and Higher Education Motion that SO 30 (Asperity of speech) be read agreed to on Division (168-99) on third reading. The motion was invoked against the Minister (L. Whitty), by Earl Russell.

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