House of Lords Public Bill Sessional Statistics for Session 1997-98 Contents

Table 12: Government defeats

Title Number of defeats Stage Amt nos Subject matter Reversed by HC
Bank of England 1 Report 14 Composition of Monetary Policy Committee Yes
Competition 2 Report 24 Predatory pricing in newspaper sector Yes
Third Reading 1 (& 78, 79) Transitional protection for over the counter medicines available from small chemists Yes
Crime and Disorder 1 Third Reading 1 Advisory Council on the Criminal Justice System Yes
Data Protection 1 Third Reading 3 Disclosure of personal data for income tax and crime prevention purposes Accepted in part through amt in lieu
Education (Schools) 1 Report 1 Retention of Assisted Places Scheme for existing holders Yes
European Communities (Amendment) 1 Report 8 Report on the Common Fisheries Policy & Quota-hopping Yes
European Parliamentary Elections 5 Third Reading 1 (& 2-4) Replacement of closed lists with open lists Yes: Lords insisted on amendments and subsequently disagreed to 3 Commons amendments in lieu.
Bill lost.
Consideration of Commons Amendments 1B (& 2B, 3B & 4B)
Firearms (Amendment) 2 Report 2 Exemption for disabled shooters Yes
5 Exemption for sportsmen competing internationally Yes
Government of Wales 2 Report 22 Minister barred from being First Secretary Yes
Third Reading 1 (& 3-14, 17-19) Open list system for election of regional members Yes
Greater London Authority (Referendum) 2 Committee of the whole House 2 Bill to be published before referendum takes place Yes
Report 1 (&12) Separate questions relating to mayor and Assembly Yes
Human Rights 1 Third Reading 3 (& 6, 12, 15) Protection of position of religious institutions Accepted in part through amts in lieu
National Minimum Wage 1 Report 1 (& 6, 8, 10) Power to exempt classes of employees from provisions of bill in certain circumstances Yes
Referendums (Scotland and Wales) 2 Committee of the whole House 25 Date of referendum in Wales to be same as in Scotland Yes
Report 4 Question in Scotland limited to income tax-raising power Yes
School Standards and Framework 5 Committee of the whole House 156 (& 157) Moral development of pupils Accepted in part through amts in lieu
245 (& 246) Continuation of assisted places for certain pupils Yes
Report 91 (& 108-114) Grouped schools to continue to be able to have more than one set of Governors Yes
93A (& 94A, 96A, 97A) Minor authority governors Accepted in part through amts in lieu
Third Reading 1 (& 2, 11, 12) Adjudicators and School Organisation Committees Yes
Scotland 3 Committee of the whole House 233A (& 234) Powers of speaker of Scots Parliament to determine vires of a Bill Accepted in part through amts in lieu
Report 3 (& 6, 8, 9, 21, 22) Number of members of Scottish Parliament to be fixed Yes
176 (& 177) Power to remove Scottish judges Accepted through amts in lieu
Social Security 1 Third Reading 4 (& 5) Lower earnings limit on employees contributions introduced from 1999 Yes
Teaching and Higher Education 5 Report 50 Maintenance grants to continue to be available up to 50% of costs of support Yes
51 (& 77) Support for English students attending courses at Scottish universities
Consideration of Commons amendments 64D (& 123A) Yes
123D Accepted in part through amt in lieu
Third Reading 5 (& 6-8, 13, 17 & 18) Power of General Teaching Council to set standards for teaching and teachers conductAccepted in part through amts in lieu
Total 36      

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