Select Committee on Science and Technology Sixth Report


The following witnesses gave evidence; those marked with * gave oral evidence:

Advertising Standards Authority

* Mr Grant Ager

*Professor Raymond Agius

* Mr Dave Allen

Allergy UK:

* Ms Lindsey McManus

Anaphylaxis Campaign:

* Ms Mandy East

Asthma UK:

* Ms Donna Covey

* Mr Les Bailey

* Professor Peter Barnes

British Association of Dermatologists:

* Professor David Gawkrodger

British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy:

* Mr Don Harrison

British Occupational Health Research Foundation

British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology:

* Professor Stephen Durham

British Society for Ecological Medicine:

* Dr Damien Downing

British Thoracic Society

* Professor Jonathon Brostoff

* Professor Peter Burney

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health:

* Mr John Bryson

Dr A T Clark

Coeliac UK

* Professor Chris Corrigan

* Mrs Margaret Cox

* Professor Adnan Custovic

Department for Communities and Local Government:

* Ms Anne Kirkham

Department for Education and Skills:

* Mr Chris Wells

Department of Health:

* Mr Alan Bell

* Mr John Bromley

* Professor Sally Davies

* Mr Ivan Lewis MP

* Professor Martin Marshall

* Dr Keith Ridge

Department for Work and Pensions:

* Dr Peter Wright

* Dr Graham Devereux

* Mr Andrew Dillon

* Professor Edzard Ernst

European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology:

*Professor Anthony Frew

Faculty of Homeopathy

Food Standards Agency:

* Miss Gill Fine

* Mrs Sue Hattersley

* Mrs Hazel Gowland

* Dr Clive Grattan

* Professor John Harper

* Dr Paul Harrison

Health and Safety Executive:

* Mr Steve Coldrick

*Mr Patrick McDonald

* Professor Jonathan Hourihane

* Dr Warren Hyer

Institute of Food Research:

*Dr Clare Mills

* Professor Gideon Lack

Latex Allergy Support Group

* Professor Tak Lee

* Dr Ian Leitch

* Ms Andrea Martinez-Inchausti

Medical Research Council:

*Dr Diana Dunstan

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency:

* Mr Richard Gutowski

* Mr Rob Miguel

* Dr Jean Monro

* Dr Shuaib Nasser

National Allergy Strategy Group:

*Dr Pamela Ewan

* Professor Anthony Newman Taylor

* Dr David Orton

The Patent Office

* Dr Richard Pumphrey

Research Councils UK

*Dr Mark Rosenthal

Royal College of Anaesthetists

Royal College of General Practitioners:

* Dr Mark Levy

Royal College of Midwives

Royal College of Nursing:

* Ms Sarah Day

* Ms Joy Winks

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health:

* Dr Susan Leech

Royal College of Pathologists:

* Dr William Egner

Royal College of Physicians

Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital:

* Dr Glenis Scadding

Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

* Professor Aziz Sheikh

Society of Homeopaths:

* Ms Kate Chatfield

* Professor Andrew Wardlaw

* Professor John Warner

Wellcome Trust

* Professor Simon Wessely

* Professor John Westwick

Yorktest Laboratories Ltd:

* Dr Gill Hart

* Ms Helen Young

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