Select Committee on Communications First Report


The Members of the Committee which conducted this inquiry were:

    The Baroness Bonham Carter of Yarnbury
    The Lord Corbett of Castle Vale
    The Baroness Eccles of Moulton
    The Rt Hon the Lord Fowler (Chairman)
    The Lord Grocott (Lord Grocott was appointed to the Committee on 18 February 2008)
    The Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick
    The Baroness Howe of Idlicote
    The Lord Inglewood
    The Rt Hon the Lord King of Bridgwater
    The Baroness McIntosh of Hudnall
    The Rt Rev the Lord Bishop of Manchester
    The Lord Maxton
    The Baroness Scott of Needham Market
    The Baroness Thornton (Lady Thornton resigned from the Committee on 18 February 2008)


Declarations of Interest

    BONHAM CARTER, Baroness
      *12(f) Regular remunerated employment
      Television Executive, Brook Lapping Productions, a subsidiary of Ten Alps Communications plc
      *13(c) Financial interests of spouse or relative or friend
      I also disclose the interests disclosed by Lord Razzall
      16(b) Voluntary organisations
      RAPT—Rehabilitation of Addicted Prisoners Trust
        Other relevant information
          Employee, BBC (1984-1993)
          Editor, Channel 4's "A Week in Politics" (1993-1996)
      *12(i) Visits
      Visit to Hungary (21-23 March) with All-party EU Accession Group. Fare paid through Parliamentary travel scheme. Accommodation and hospitality provided by Hungarian Parliament
      Visit to Romania (29 May-2 June). Fare paid through Parliamentary travel scheme. Accommodation and hospitality provided by Romanian Parliament
      Visit to Liverpool (23-24 June 2006) with my wife, with European Capital of Culture 2008 All-party Parliamentary Group—accommodation and hospitality paid for by Liverpool Culture Company
      15(a) Membership of public bodies
      Chairman, Castle Vale Neighbourhood Partnership Board, Birmingham
      *12(e) Remunerated directorships
      Independent National Director, Times Newspapers Holdings Ltd
      15(b) Trusteeships of cultural bodies
      Director, Opera North, company limited by guarantee
      Trustee of York Minister Trust Fund (not a company limited by guarantee; not remunerated)
      16(a) Trusteeships
      London Clinic Company limited by guarantee
        Other relevant information
          Director, Tyne Tees Television plc (1986-1994)
    FOWLER, Lord
      *12(e) Remunerated directorships
      Non executive Director, Holcim Ltd
      Member Advisory Council, Electra QMC, Europe Development Capital
      Fund plc
      Chairman, Thomson Foundation
      15(d) Office-holder in voluntary organisations
      Vice Chairman, All-party Group on AIDS
      16(a) Trusteeships
      Trustee, Terrence Higgins Trust
        Other relevant information
          Non Executive Chairman, Midland Independent Newspaper plc
          (Birmingham Post Group) 1991-1998
          Non Executive Chairman, Regional Independent Media
          (Yorkshire Post) 1998-2002
          Staff, The Times newspaper 1961-1970
          Life member, National Union of Journalists
    GROCOTT, Lord
      *13(b) Landholdings
      Rental income from a flat in London
        Other relevant information
          Reporter then Producer, ATV and Central Television 1979-1987
          Member, National Union of Journalists
      *12(e) Remunerated directorships
      British Telecom PLC
      *12(f) Regular remunerated employment
      15(d) Office-holder in voluntary organisations
      Chairman, Crime Concern 1995-2008
      Patron, Springboard for Children
      Patron, Zane
      Patron, Toy Box
      16(a) Trusteeships
      Trustee, Vodafone Group Foundation 2008-
        Other relevant information
          Employee, BBC (1994-2006)
          BBC pensioner
    HOWE OF IDLICOTE, Baroness
      15(b) Trusteeships of cultural bodies
      Trustee, Architectural Association School of Architecture
      15(d) Office-holder in voluntary organisations
      Board Member of Veolia Environmental Trust plc
      16(a) Trusteeships
      Trustee, Ann Driver Trust
      *12(c) Remunerated services
      Political Adviser, House of Lords (unpaid) for the Estates Business Group
      *12(e) Remunerated directorships
      Chairman, CN Group (Media)
      Director, Pheasant Inn (Bassenthwaite Lake) Ltd (hotel)
      Chairman, Carr's Milling Industries plc (food and agriculture)
      *12(f) Regular remunerated employment
      *13(a) Significant shareholdings
      Pheasant Inn (Bassenthwaite Lake) Ltd (hotel)
      *13(b) Landholdings
      Hutton-in-the-Forest Estate (farmland including residential property in Cumbria)
      Wythop Estate (farmland including residential property in Cumbria)
      Owner Hutton-in-the-Forest (historic house open to the public)
      15(a) Membership of public bodies
      Court of Lancaster University
      Chairman, Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art
      15(c) Office-holder in pressure groups or trade unions
      Friends of the Lake District (nominated by the Committee for the National Consultative Council)
      President, Cumbria Tourist Board
      Member, Historic Houses Association Finance & Policy Committee
      16(a) Trusteeships
      Trustee, Elton Estate, Cambridgeshire
      Trustee, Raby Estates, Co Durham and Shropshire
      Trustee, Thoresby Estate, Nottinghamshire
      Trustee, Calvert Trust
      Trustee, Settle-Carlisle Railway Trust
      Trustee, Whitehaven Community Trust Ltd
      16(b) Voluntary organisations
      Member, Bar
      Member, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
      Fellow, Society of Antiquaries of London
        Other relevant information
          Director, CN Group (1997; Chairman from 2002)
          Consultancy, ITV (June 1998-June 1999)
          Consultancy, BBC (October 1998)
          Patron, Voice of the Listener and Viewer (March 2000)
          Consultancy, BBC (April 2000)
          Member, Commercial Steering Group, BBC (July-November
      *12(e) Remunerated directorships
      Non-executive Director, London International Exhibition Centre plc and London International Exhibition Centre (Holdings) Ltd
      *13(b) Landholdings
      Minority partner in family farm in Wiltshire (including cottages)
      Partner in woodlands in Wiltshire
      15(d) Office-holder in voluntary organisations
      Patron, UK Defence Forum
      President, English Rural Housing Association (23 January 2007)
      Vice President, Royal Bath and West Society
      15(b) Trusteeships of cultural bodies
      Board Member, Roundhouse Trust
      Board Member, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
      Trustee, South Bank Sinfonia
      Board Member, National Opera Studio
      15(d) Office-holder in voluntary organisations
      Trustee, Art Inter-Romania
      Trustee, Theatres Trust
      Trustee, Foundation for Sport and the Arts
      Director, Artis Education (non-renumerated)
    MANCHESTER, Lord Bishop of
      *12(f) Regular remunerated employment
      In receipt of episcopal stipend
      15(a) Membership of public bodies
      Chair, Sandford St Martin (Religious Broadcasting Awards) Trust
      General Synod of the Church of England
      Manchester Diocesan Board of Finance
      Manchester Church House Co.
      Manchester Diocesan Council of Education
      Manchester Diocesan Association of Church Schools
      Life Governor, Liverpool College
      Governor, Hulme Hall
      15(d) Office-holder in voluntary organisations
      Lord High Almoner to H.M. The Queen
      National Chaplain, Royal British Legion
      16(b) Voluntary organisations
      Manchester Diocese, Mothers' Union
      Arches Housing
      Disabled Living
      Hulme Hall Trust
      Wigan & Leigh Hospice
      St Ann's Hospice
      Manchester University of Change Ringers
    MAXTON, Lord
      *13(b) Landholdings
      Holiday home in the Isle of Arran
      A London flat
      *12(d) Non-parliamentary consultant
      Centre for Transport Studies (judging and presentation of transport awards)
      Atkins (Consultancy)
      *12(e) Remunerated directorships
      Non-executive Director, Lloyd's Register
      *12(i) Visits
      Visit to Norway (29 August-3 September) hosted by the Norwegian Government under the auspices of the All Party Parliamentary Norway Group
      Visit to US (September 2005) under the auspices of BA APPG (British American All-party Parliamentary Group)
      Visit to Trinidad (May 2006) CPA
      Visit to Guatemala/El Salvador (June 2006) IPU
      Visit to Taiwan (July 28-3 August 2007) meeting with the Ministers, members of the People's Democratic Party (fellow members of Liberal International), the British Trade and Cultural Office, parliamentarians and others. Travel and hotel costs paid by the Taipei office in the UK. Courtesy gifts received and given (18 September 2007)
    THORNTON, Baroness (Lady Thornton resigned from the Committee on 18 February 2008, the interests below were current at the start of the inquiry.)
      *12(d) Non-parliamentary consultant
      Chairman of Pall Mall Consult (PR, communications, policy analysis, media and events management and charity promotional work)
      *12(f) Regular remunerated employment
      Director of IDEA (appointed by ODPM) (£2,400 per annum)
      *12(g) Controlling shareholdings
      50% shareholder of Pall Mall Consult
      15(a) Membership of public bodies
      Governor of LSE
      15(b) Trusteeships of cultural bodies
      Fellow of RSA
      Friend of Tate
      Friend of Royal Academy
      15(d) Office-holder in voluntary organisations
      Chair, Coalition of Social Enterprise
      Board Member, Social Enterprise, London
      Board Member, '15' Foundation
      Board Member, Training for Life
      16(b) Voluntary organisations
      Ramblers Association
      Emily's List UK Director
      British Humanists Society
      English Heritage
      Labour Women's Network
      Member, GMB
      National Trust
      Cooperative Party
      Labour Party
      Volunteer for Crisis

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