Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 1340 - 1359)

  1340. MR REED: Perhaps if I pass on from the loop, because I do not have any other questions on that particular issue, to some matters relating to the general costs surrounding Manor Park.

  1341. CHAIRMAN: You can start but you have only got a few minutes before we adjourn.

  1342. MR REED: Mr Berryman, can I just understand then, aside from the loop, the cost of putting in a loop at Goodmayes what would have been the costs of delivering the changes at Manor Park as was previously described in the ES?
  (Mr Berryman) Very low.

  1343. That is the extension works and the stairwells?
  (Mr Berryman) I would imagine the extension works would be probably about half a million and the stairways about £250,000. It was only proposed to shave a little bit off the staircase, that was all.

  1344. And the decision reached not to upgrade that station for lift accessibility was reached when? Was it on the basis of the old plans or the new plans?
  (Mr Berryman) It was on the basis of the old plans.

  1345. With the partial demolition which was going to occur anyway, would that make more cost-effective the works of upgrading?
  (Mr Berryman) Sorry, can you repeat the question?

  1346. With the works that were then proposed, would there have been a saving, a cost benefit, if one was putting in lifts?
  (Mr Berryman) I do not think that that is a question I can answer because the problem is that even with the very limited demolition that would be required here, there is nowhere to get a lift down off this structure, so I think it is academic because you still could not get a lift in, even if that bit of demolition on the corner was done. Is that making sense?

  1347. Has that work actually been done, Mr Berryman? From the way in which you are answering it sounds like there has not been any detailed analysis of that; is that right?
  (Mr Berryman) Only in the sense that the problem here is not that; the problem is finding a location to get a lift down. I think I showed a photograph that showed how narrow this space is with the structure above it and at the moment with that structure in existence there is nowhere for a lift to go which does not come down on a track.

  1348. That is not the question I asked, Mr Berryman. Has there been detailed work done on it or not?
  (Mr Berryman) I think not. That would be something that by inspection you could see could not be done.

  1349. Did you say "I think not"?
  (Mr Berryman) Yes I did.

  1350. And so the decision was reached to not upgrade this station without detailed work being done to see whether it was feasible?
  (Mr Berryman) No, not at all. As I explained to you some time ago, a design was done for every station to establish what the cost would be of putting MIP access in. That included this one. It is on that basis that the cost was assessed and the comparison was made with the number of passengers. I thought I had explained this some time ago.

  1351. BARONESS FOOKES: Yes, you did.

  1352. CHAIRMAN: Mr Reed, I think you may have come to a point where you are going on to something else. Can I just remind you that you said that you would produce the up-to-date ward maps for Newham. We have now got some sort of figures for the catchment area for each of these stations and a plan which shows in pink or blue or whatever where they come from. You have given us some disability figures per ward, but the correlation between the catchment areas and the wards and the figures is something that we will need to be able to do, and what we have not got at the moment is the wards. So before the end of the day I hope we may have those.

  1353. MR REED: Indeed, my Lord. As I understood it, it was going to be ready by lunchtime but I will certainly check to see what the position is.

  1354. CHAIRMAN: We did raise this yesterday and you said that you would deal with it. It is not a very difficult matter, it is a matter of drawing ward boundaries on a plan.

  1355. MR REED: I think it was the logistics simply of getting a plan copied and to the House.

  1356. CHAIRMAN: I will leave the logistics to you but we do want those, please. I think we will break now until half past two.

After a short adjournment

  1357. CHAIRMAN: Mr Reed?

  1358. MR REED: My Lord, before I begin to carry on my cross-examination, I hope your Lordships have a copy of the ward map.[32]

  1359. CHAIRMAN: Yes, that is very helpful, thank you very much.

32   Committee Ref: A5, London Borough of Newham Ward Boundary Plan (SCN-20080227-014) Back

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