Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 4780 - 4799)

  4780. MR ELVIN: My Lord Chairman, absent an appearance from Khoodeelaar, which I gather we are not going to have, the next item is to call Mr Berryman on some of the other issues.

  4781. CHAIRMAN: Khoodeelaar is not coming. Not today or not at all?

  4782. MR ELVIN: I am not sure. I was going to call Mr Berryman to deal with lorry routing, Whitechapel Station issues and some of the other issues that arise in relation to these Petitions. I wonder, my Lord Chairman, if that would be best dealt with after lunch, which would give your Lordships the opportunity of an early lunch.

  4783. CHAIRMAN: We are happy to adjourn and come back early but whether anybody else will is another matter.

  4784. MR ELVIN: We are happy to come back at quarter-past two, if that is convenient.

  4785. CHAIRMAN: If everybody is happy with that, we will come back at quarter-past two and you can deal with matters then.

After a short adjournment

  4786. CHAIRMAN: Is there anyone here from the Spitalfields group of organisations? (No response) I am told that Mr Carpenter wants to submit papers about environmental impact assessment. I am proposing to deal with this on Monday morning. Unless he finds some method of getting the papers to me over the weekend I will not be able to deal with them.

General Issues relating to the Spitalfields area

  4787. MR ELVIN: But your Lordship is dealing with the matter in writing outside the Committee.

  4788. CHAIRMAN: I do not care where he is. If he wants to submit papers to me he jolly well ought to have done it before now.

  4789. MR ELVIN: Sorry, my Lord. It is only a question for clarification. Your Lordships are proposing to deal with the matter outside the Committee hearing on Monday morning, so if he wants to get anything to you he has not got very long to do that.

  4790. CHAIRMAN: I suppose I could deal with it Monday afternoon.

  4791. LORD BROOKE OF ALVETHORPE: Or Tuesday morning when I am back.

  4792. CHAIRMAN: Well, all right, Tuesday morning, but I am not going to try and deal with it without the papers that Mr Carpenter wants to send me. If he cannot get them to me it is very difficult.

  4793. MR ELVIN: I will get Mr Walker to make sure that he checks the transcript to see what your Lordship has just said.

  4794. CHAIRMAN: I suppose he could email them here to our Clerk; I do not know when that may occur, and how he is going to get them to me in Norfolk I do not know, but there we are.

  4795. BARONESS FOOKES: It is not the responsibility of the Promoters, is it?

  4796. CHAIRMAN: I am not putting it on the heads of the Promoters at all. I am simply saying that I will not be able properly to deal with any points that Mr Carpenter wants to make if he does not give me the papers.

  4797. MR ELVIN: Understood. I will get Mr Walker to send him an email to tell him to read the transcript for this afternoon so he can see what your Lordship has just said.

  4798. CHAIRMAN: He will probably have to send them by special delivery.

  4799. MR ELVIN: My Lord, he was here this morning and he was here for at least part of yesterday, so I am not sure why he is not here this afternoon, but there it is.

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