Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 5040 - 5059)

  5040. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: May I ask a question. You are not one of the petitioners that Mr Wheeler's Petition covered then?

  5041. DR PEDRETTI: No.

  5042. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: Who was dealing specifically with the protected building? You are not one of the petitioners?

  5043. DR PEDRETTI: I am in a listed building.

  5044. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: But you are not part of his submission?

  5045. DR PEDRETTI: He referred to my --- I did not ask him to represent.

  5046. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: We have a petition with the names of lots of people in Fournier Street.

  5047. DR PEDRETTI: I am not one of those.

  5048. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: You are not one of those, I was just trying to establish that. The second thing is, are you on the community relations panel?

  5049. DR PEDRETTI: That is an interesting question. I wrote to that panel when it was—

  5050. CHAIRMAN: Please, do not tell us about writing letters. You either are or you are not.

  5051. DR PEDRETTI: No, I am not. I wrote to them saying I did not feel that it was possible to represent the community, so I wrote to them saying—

  5052. CHAIRMAN: I am sorry, you are not a member?

  5053. DR PEDRETTI: I am not.

  5054. CHAIRMAN: Very well.

  5055. DR PEDRETTI: But they keep on sending me things as if I was.

  5056. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: You do not think it is representative of the community then?

  5057. DR PEDRETTI: I would say the word "community" is a first person pronoun.

  5058. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: How do you establish a body which is representative of the community in your opinion?

  5059. DR PEDRETTI: That is very difficult. In that case, incredibly difficult.

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