Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 5220 - 5230)

  5220. CHAIRMAN: They will take all day, will they?

  5221. MR MOULD: Yes. I am pretty confident she will take two hours in the afternoon.

  5222. CHAIRMAN: Of course, it is only the afternoon.

  5223. MR MOULD: Shall I just deal with Tuesday and leave Wednesday and Thursday to next week?

  5224. CHAIRMAN: Yes.

  5225. MR MOULD: On Tuesday we are expecting the London Boroughs of Havering, Kensington & Chelsea and Brentwood to make a short statement to your Lordships' Committee in relation to the issue of fixed installation noise.

  5226. CHAIRMAN: Yes, because there is a generic point, is there not?

  5227. MR MOULD: That is right, and Havering Borough Council are leading on that. they are going to make a statement, I believe. Then we are back to Spitalfields. We have the petition of Ms Patricia Jones, and then Mintel International Group Ltd. They are a commercial occupier and property owner in the Farrington area. They are just to the east of Smithfield Market and they raise concerns about the impacts of the works at that location upon their property. Then I have in this programme in italics Mr Carpenter's Residents' Association and also Khoodeelaar!, Mr Haque.

  5228. CHAIRMAN: Neither Mr Carpenter nor Khoodeelaar! have confirmed yet that they are coming. We will simply have to wait and see.

  5229. MR MOULD: Yes, and I suspect your Lordships do not need any assistance from me.

  5230. CHAIRMAN: Let nobody think that there has not been a warning about what it is we are expecting to hear and when, because that is what the Committee will be considering, so if people are interested in that let them come. Thank you very much. We will adjourn now until 2.30 on Monday.

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