Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 5200 - 5219)

  5200. CHAIRMAN: Would you listen to my question before you try and answer another one?

  5201. MS JORDAN: Yes, I am sorry.

  5202. CHAIRMAN: Did you have a copy of what Mr Mould has read out?

  5203. MS JORDAN: I have just got it this minute.

  5204. CHAIRMAN: Have you got a copy of the information paper and the draft Deed of Settlement?

  5205. MS JORDAN: No.

  5206. CHAIRMAN: Are you prepared to act as a courier to give this to—

  5207. MS JORDAN: I am more than happy to act as a courier. I am much better at that than having to try and listen.

  5208. CHAIRMAN: The point is that I think it is really Mr Wheeler's department and I wondered if it could be got to Mr Wheeler.

  5209. MS JORDAN: Certainly I can get it to Mr Wheeler this evening without any difficulty.

  5210. CHAIRMAN: That would be very helpful, and the information paper and the settlement deed, which is a deed that concerns settlement, an agreement about settlement. If he could have the copy of those he might be better informed as a result.

  5211. MS JORDAN: Right, okay.

  5212. CHAIRMAN: Thank you very much if you would do that.

  5213. MS JORDAN: Could I just raise one question though, because you did say that you would be informing people, but when you read it out, and that is why I asked for a copy just now, it says, "Petitioners who own a listed building". We do not own listed buildings but we own a lot of buildings on this line, but they are Victorian and they are not listed, which is one of our major concerns. We seem to have no protection like this. That is why I was asking: does this apply to all buildings? It says "the running tunnels", if they own a building on the plan of the running tunnels they "should call for a Settlement Deed". They have to react. Are you going to inform them or will they be told?

  5214. CHAIRMAN: Ms Jordan, I am not going to have this sort of conversation. If anybody had turned up yesterday or whenever it was—

  5215. MS JORDAN: I am here today.

  5216. CHAIRMAN:— to ask questions about it it would have been perfectly possible to explain it. We have got to stop in three minutes' time and I am afraid I am not going to have a discussion about it now. What are we going to do on Monday?

  5217. MR MOULD: In the programme of Monday we have the petition of the Kempton Court Residents Committee, Ms Singleton. She is going to be raising issues regarding the impact of construction on Kempton Court which, as you know, is just to the north of Whitechapel Station.

  5218. CHAIRMAN: We know where it is.

  5219. MR MOULD: On Tuesday—

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