Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 5480 - 5499)

  5480. CHAIRMAN: Who are you?

  5481. MS PEDRETTI: My name is Annetta Pedretti.

  5482. CHAIRMAN: What is your interest in all this?

  5483. MS PEDRETTI: I live in Princelet Street at the top of the building as part of the Brick Lane community.

  5484. CHAIRMAN: This is not a public meeting.

  5485. MS PEDRETTI: I know but the other day you said we should be here to ask questions.

  5486. CHAIRMAN: Are you part of any of the petitioners' groups?

  5487. MS PEDRETTI: Yes, I am part of one of the groups.

  5488. CHAIRMAN: Which one?

  5489. MS PEDRETTI: Khoodeelaar!

  5490. CHAIRMAN: That is not what we are dealing with at the moment.

  5491. MS PEDRETTI: No, I know.

  5492. CHAIRMAN: I am afraid you will have to wait your turn.

  5493. MS PEDRETTI: I was going to use the fact that the witness is here and we did talk about lorry routes.

  5494. CHAIRMAN: Ms Lieven, did you want to sum up on this? You have seen the points in the Petition.

  5495. MS LIEVEN: I have seen the points in the Petition, my Lord. I have heard the points Ms Singleton has made today. Many of her concerns, I think, have been met to the degree they are capable of being met by the meetings we have had, so I am focusing on the points she has raised today.

  5496. As far as lorry movements are concerned, we are going to produce a note and I have already touched on the issues there and I am not going to repeat that.

  5497. So as far as noise is concerned, there is no issue that there will be a material noise impact during the construction phase of Crossrail on Kempton Court. I think the important point to emphasise is there will be further predictions done at the point of detailed design of the project and at that stage the mitigation will be fixed as to what mitigation is appropriate for what flat in accordance with the policy we have adopted. This is a very transparent process, particularly at this location, because we have carried out a noise report to bring together all the noise impacts at Kempton Court, which is the one in your pack, so the residents have a high level of knowledge of what to expect here.

  5498. So far as the operational noise is concerned, it is critical to emphasise that mitigation measures, as Mr Thornely-Taylor just described, will be put in place, so all the assessments show that there will be no material operational noise once that is done. In my submission, there will be a difficult period during construction but we have acted wholly reasonably and I think Ms Singleton accepts that, we have done what we can do in that respect.

  5499. The only other issue I wanted to touch on briefly was consultation. We have every intention of opening a one-stop shop or similar facility before construction commences in the Whitechapel area to ensure that local residents both have the best information available but also can come in and ask whatever questions they have, both in the lead-up to and during the construction, but also there will, very importantly, be community relations staff appointed by the contractor available throughout the construction phase. Where the work is 24-hour work those staff will be available on a 24-hour basis so if there is work going on that should not be going on, or dirty lorries coming out, or anything like that, there will be an immediate point of contact for local residents to alert and to talk to as well as, of course, their contacts through the council. We are absolutely committed to full and proper working with local people in this vicinity during the work.

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