Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 5500 - 5519)

  5500. MS LIEVEN: My Lords, those are the critical points I picked out of Ms Singleton's presentation and we will come back on to lorry movements in more detail.

  5501. CHAIRMAN: Yes, of course. So far as concerns noise, this is going to be worked out, is it not, over a period of time?

  5502. MS LIEVEN: Yes.

  5503. CHAIRMAN: Are you going to continue your transparent approach to the whole of this and discussions with the people who live in Kempton Court?

  5504. MS LIEVEN: Absolutely, when we have the detailed design specification so we know both the periods that work will be done but also the machinery that will be used, we will then carry out detailed predictions of the noise levels. We will then test those against the various criteria we have adopted and that will be discussed with the local residents as to what the conclusions of that assessment are and also if they have any particular concerns as to how they were drawn up. Then we can move on to the next stage which is to say to people, "This is the mitigation you will get; that is the mitigation other people will get", but the criteria are all published now so people can tell what tests their property will have to meet in order to get noise insulation, for example, so it is an open and transparent process. My Lords, I do not know whether there are any other points of concern.

  5505. CHAIRMAN: It helps us, but I hope it also helps Ms Singleton and her colleagues too.

  5506. MS LIEVEN: Of course, my Lord, and that is extremely important and we totally understand that.

  5507. CHAIRMAN: Thank you very much. Ms Singleton, you have the last word in this, which you are writing now, I think.

  5508. MS SINGLETON: Thank you.

  5509. CHAIRMAN: I will give you a minute if you want to write it down.

  5510. MS SINGLETON: No, I want to say very little really and that is I brought this to your attention today because we are the people who live in the street and we will be having ten years—if you count from last year—of works and I have set out what our needs are. I think Crossrail have accepted that perhaps sometimes in the past things have not been as transparent as they could be and it is just important that we have timely information that, while they are actually working out their plans, we are informed of these and the general timescales. I would like to be able to see as soon as possible the revised timescales that relate to things like utilities work as well as proposed starting dates. I think these are very important for some people who may be contemplating that they do not want to be around to have to live with such a lot of noise or if they are about to have a baby is this the time to really move on; others may be perfectly happy about it. I would say that communication and really working together is now very important for us with complete transparency and the consideration that there are 300 residents in the street who do need support and care. I would say that, of course, in the other streets around there are many more people, so I am really only talking specifically about the lower part of Brady Street and Durward Street. If we need that support and care, the community do as well.

  5511. CHAIRMAN: I think one of your troubles is it is not just Crossrail, is it? It is some of the other railway works as well which are nothing to do with Crossrail. Is that not right?

  5512. MS SINGLETON: That is true at the moment, yes.

  5513. CHAIRMAN: The East London Line, what are the things that are going on that are going to take the whole of this ten years?

  5514. MS SINGLETON: As I have already said, at the end of last year we had all of Durward Street constantly dug up to look at what the structures underneath were, so if one looks from 2007, so we have already had some work done, to 2017—

  5515. CHAIRMAN: Is that utilities?

  5516. MS SINGLETON: That was utilities starting, yes. This year we have got the boreholes, next year we have got utilities and then the main programme starts in 2010, so effectively it is a ten-year programme for us.

  5517. CHAIRMAN: Ms Lieven, you are not only in very close touch with London Underground but they are part of you, are they not, as it were?

  5518. MS LIEVEN: Transport for London is, my Lord, yes.

  5519. CHAIRMAN: How are we going to get a liaison with all the other people who are going to carry out works in this immediate vicinity?

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