Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 7040 - 7059)

  7040. And you have no figures at all to show what the improvements would be.

   (Mr Donovan) Post-2016 we could not get a comparison between those two.

  7041. You have no figures?

   (Mr Donovan) Not beyond 2016.

  7042. Up to 2016?

   (Mr Donovan) We have the figures in the way I was explaining it. We have the growth we anticipate getting but we have not tied that specifically to the public transport improvements we have been talking about because at the moment we have not got anybody coming forward to us and offering us the details of those public transport improvements, so we cannot say if we have the north Bexley transit we will generate this amount more than we would generate anyway. We are not able to say that.

  7043. MR CAMERON: My Lord, it is always a mistake to try and give evidence as an advocate but there may be something that I can assist with that I have just been handed.

  7044. CHAIRMAN: It is actually coffee time anyway so you might be able to think about this for a quarter of an hour to see whether, between you, you can come up with something for us.

  7045. MR CAMERON: We will do that. Thank you, my Lord.

  7046. CHAIRMAN: We will adjourn until a quarter to 12.

After a short break

  7047. CHAIRMAN: Are we ready?

  7048. MR CAMERON: We can provide some assistance on the question which has been raised, but it is not a precise answer to the point.

  7049. CHAIRMAN: I do not expect it to be a precise answer, but I expect it to be some sort of comparator.

  7050. MR CAMERON: My Lord, what we can do is to compare the anticipated jobs figure in the London Plan now compared to the London Plan which preceded it because the London Plan that preceded it assumed a Crossrail line all the way to Ebbsfleet, whereas now it assumes a line to Abbey Wood and, therefore, it allows a comparison. What I would like to do is to invite your Lordships to go to page 36, which is the previous London Plan, where you have got a figure for anticipated jobs in a specific opportunity area which is Belvedere/Erith and then I am going to put on this screen an extract from the current London Plan, and that shows anticipated jobs in a wider area which is Bexley Riverside, and that is 1,386 hectares.[33]34,[34]35 The previous area of Belvedere/Erith forms part of that 1,386 at 242 and, if I can just turn over the page, that explains what Bexley Riverside is, that it includes Belvedere, Erith, Slade Green and Crayford, so that is the area considered. If I now turn back to the table, the figure for that combined area of the indicative employment capacity is 4,900 jobs, whereas for the smaller area of 242 hectares, when Crossrail was anticipated to go to Ebbsfleet, it was 5,000 jobs. That does not allow a direct comparison to be made, but it can be seen that the anticipated number of jobs has reduced.

  7051. CHAIRMAN: So where do we put these new figures in on page 36?

  7052. MR CAMERON: My Lord, one would have to have a different row with Bexley Riverside including Belvedere/Erith. The `area in hectares' would be 1,386, `jobs' 4,900, and the `new homes' is of less assistance because it is a wider and different area. If you just need a new row, it can be easily put in above.

  7053. CHAIRMAN: That takes account of all the other heavy rail routes?

  7054. MR CAMERON: That takes account of everything which is known at the time of the preparation of the up-to-date London Plan which has only just been adopted to replace the previous London Plan.

  7055. CHAIRMAN: Well, it must take account of all the other heavy rail routes, must it not?

  7056. MR CAMERON: Yes, it must do, my Lord, and any other schemes which are known to the Mayor at the time he prepared his Plan.

  7057. CHAIRMAN: Would you like to produce a page 36(a)?

  7058. MR CAMERON: My Lord, yes.

  7059. BARONESS FOOKES: Perhaps, in that case, it could compare two areas which are precisely similar because we have a smaller area juxtaposed to a larger area?

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34   35 Committee Ref: A35, Table 5D.1 Opportunity Areas and Areas for Intensification in South East London (SCN-20080401-001 and -002) Back

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