Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 7020 - 7039)

  7020. Can we put these in the tables?

   (Mr Donovan) In table 36?

  7021. CHAIRMAN: Any table you want.

  7022. MR CAMERON: I hesitate to interrupt, but if you go to tables for the jobs figures on pages 42 and 43, the note says, "Number of regeneration jobs created in development areas attributable to Crossrail".[32]33

  (Mr Donovan) Yes.

  7023. MR CAMERON: If those jobs are attributable to Crossrail, if you step back and do not have Crossrail at all, are those jobs likely to be provided? That is the first question.

  7024. CHAIRMAN: I am not asking you that. You have got plans as an alternative to Crossrail because for the moment you are not going to get it going through to Ebbsfleet. You will in the end probably but not at the moment. You have plans for alternative methods of access.

   (Mr Donovan) Sorry, I misunderstood. I see what you mean.

  7025. I wondered whether you have got figures which indicate what would be the result of those if you were successful.

   (Mr Donovan) I am with you. I see what you mean. At the moment we have not got the detail yet on something like the transits as to how many additional jobs they would help generate, so we could not say that were we successful with the transit through north Bexley, which is in a sense our number one priority, that would equate to an additional number of jobs of X. What we are doing is working with Transport for London to see how many jobs could be attributed to that in the same way that we are attributing jobs to Crossrail here. What is true is that we are anticipating something around 5,000 to 8,000 jobs throughout the north of Bexley through the plan period up to 2016. We think those would probably happen in any event but, as I said, the quality and types of those jobs would be changed considerably were we able to get a transit in place. The risk we run is that if we do not get a transit and our accessibility relative to other areas drops we will not be able to secure those jobs that we are planning for.

  7026. CHAIRMAN: I do not think you are going to be able to give us any figures at all, are you?

   (Mr Donovan) On what these other types of public transport would generate?

  7027. Supposing that you do not have Crossrail until 2020, say, you have got alternative plans for your transit and probably other transport improvements as well, you have no figures to show what would be the effect of that on jobs, the quality of jobs and housing.

   (Mr Donovan) That is what we are working on at the moment.

  7028. You have no figures at the moment.

   (Mr Donovan) We have the total figures that we are planning to achieve but we have no detailed figures of the impact of the transit on those, or the impact if we were successful in extending the Docklands Light Railway.

  7029. So you cannot give us any comparisons at all?

   (Mr Donovan) Not between Crossrail and the others because we have never viewed them as in competition. We have seen them as a combination and we would need all of them because they all do different things.

  7030. I just do not understand this. You have told us that the transit, if it came, would come long before the extension of Crossrail to Ebbsfleet.

   (Mr Donovan) Yes.

  7031. You have still got absolutely no figures at all for that eventuality.

   (Mr Donovan) The transit is not about creating jobs, if I may say, it is about trying to change the way people get to and from work.

  7032. It is about the quality of employment, is it not?

   (Mr Donovan) Yes, and it is about improving public transport accessibility.

  7033. Exactly.

   (Mr Donovan) We are programmed to achieve between 8,000 and 10,000 new jobs in the north of the borough up to 2016.

  7034. Without Crossrail?

   (Mr Donovan) Without Crossrail.

  7035. Where can we find these figures?

   (Mr Donovan) They are not here in the evidence but they are part of our planning framework set out in our local—

  7036. That is what I am asking you. If they are not in the evidence, how do we do a comparative exercise?

   (Mr Donovan) I suppose because the way we have thought of it is we have not seen them as one thing or the other. What we have said is this is what we think over and above the jobs that would be provided that Crossrail could bring, if you see what I mean.

  7037. LORD YOUNG OF NORWOOD GREEN: If I may, you might not but someone else might say, "You are asking us to think about half a billion plus," and if you allow for inflation even more, and someone might well say, "I want to do a comparative analysis because I want to know what benefits I am going to get over and above your interim transport improvement plans". I think the Chairman is making a very valid point and even if we do not make it then someone else will, that is for sure.

   (Mr Donovan) Certainly the other transport things we are talking about at the moment we are seeing as helping us achieve the numbers of jobs we are projected to get. I would suggest that if we do not get those then a lot of that job projection that we are currently under would be at risk in any event. It is more that way. They are not strictly comparable because we are not seeing them as comparable. It is not, "Do you have Crossrail or something else?", it is without those package of schemes, and Crossrail adds that additional amount to it but it is on top of the projected amount we would expect to get under the current framework, which also includes some estimate of other public transport improvements we may get.

  7038. CHAIRMAN: Mr Donovan, I am going to have one last try. You were talking about improvements up to 2016.

   (Mr Donovan) Yes.

  7039. That is before Crossrail starts at all.

   (Mr Donovan) Yes.

32   33 Committee Ref: A35, Benefits of Crossrail 3: Increase in employment (unweighted) (BEXYLB-44_05A-042) Back

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