Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 7160 - 7179)

  7160. MR CAMERON: My Lord, yes, but one aspect to those advantages has been the subject of calculation at page 49 which is increased accessibility of people living in Belvedere, for example, and it could be an example further down the line, to jobs, so that people who do not have jobs have a better chance of getting a job because there are more available to them within 45 minutes, and people have a better chance of setting up a business because they have wider access to a wider pool of potential employees, and those factors were highly significant in the precise calculations—not that they can be precise because they themselves are estimates—that were carried out in the Crossrail Business Case, so the essential information you would need is there.[44]45 The next stage of making an assumption as to a particular number of jobs is not an exercise that has been done.

  7161. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: Was this exhibit given to the Commons Select Committee?

  7162. MR CAMERON: That exhibit was not given. Pages 43 and 44 were given and pages 45-51 were not before the Commons Select Committee, and the reason we have introduced them this time is that when Mr Berryman gave evidence he placed particular emphasis on the point that there were improved interchange facilities at Abbey Wood, which there are, and the purpose of this evidence is to show there is still a time penalty and the effect it has.

  7163. CHAIRMAN: But those pages are based upon figures taken from the Business Case assuming it all opens in 2013, is that right?

  7164. MR CAMERON: No, my Lord. Those figures are taken from an exercise done by the Mouchel transport planner on behalf of Bexley for this appearance, and the material comes from census information and transport models and the time it takes to get from one place to another, taking account of interchanges.

  7165. CHAIRMAN: And what dates are being used?

  7166. MR CAMERON: Can I just check that, my Lord? I have a note which is dated yesterday.

  7167. CHAIRMAN: Please do.

(Counsel took instructions.)

  7168. MR CAMERON: My Lord, they are based on the most up-to-date census information which is the 2001 Census as to where people live and where employment is, and in terms of journey times they are taken from the most up-to-date train times and other public transport timetables.

  7169. CHAIRMAN: Existing trains?

  7170. MR CAMERON: Existing, and then it compares with Crossrail.

  7171. CHAIRMAN: Yes, but Crossrail when? This is what I am trying to get at all the time. What assumption have you made about the timing of Crossrail?

  7172. MR CAMERON: Can I just check that, again?

(Counsel took instructions.)

  7173. My Lord, what I am instructed is that it could be any point in time because what it is comparing is access to number of people with or without Crossrail, so the population remains the same and the jobs remain the same but what you do is you change the train timetable because you can get to those jobs or those people quicker because you do not have to change.

  7174. CHAIRMAN: Page 49, the first line, assumes that Crossrail gets to Abbey Wood. That must be 2017.

  7175. MR CAMERON: My Lord, those population figures are based on the 2001 Census.

  7176. CHAIRMAN: Yes, but what date does Crossrail get to Abbey Wood for these purposes?

  7177. MR CAMERON: What I have just been instructed is no particular date is assumed. The two main variables are what is the population, that is taken from the 2001 Census figures, and how long does it take to get from A to B, and no particular time has been assumed. What has happened is we have looked at train timetables with and without Crossrail.

  7178. CHAIRMAN: You say "Increase due to Crossrail", population, working population and employment.

  7179. MR CAMERON: Within 45 minutes. If you do not have to interchange, so you do not have the 15-minute time penalty, you can reach more people.

44   45 Committee Ref: A35, Population & Employment west of Belvedere (5) (BEXYLB-44_05A-049) Back

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